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Nadia's "Chapter 2" Book Themed Party: Activities.

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Planning activities is usually the toughest part of the party for me.  Sometimes I just print out theme related coloring pages, buy some fresh crayons, and call it a day.  But for some reason the ideas were flowing for this party. I had three main "activities" planned for the party: a photo booth, a reading corner, and a "read up on the birthday girl" table. Side note: My husband also set up the girls' picnic table and put bubbles out.  SUCH a keeper.
The Reading Corner
Because I'm so picky, it's rare that an idea comes out better in real life than in my head! But this little bookshelf was just that [she says humbly].  The inspiration came completely from these fun pencils spotted in Target's dollar Spot.  The minute I saw them, the idea to have a little table with crayons, paper, composition notebooks, and books was born.  Seriously, great things happen at the dollar spot. Okay- I might be playing it fast and loose with the word "great."

I used wrapping paper to line the shelves.  The orange patterned paper was from a favorite stationery shop in Portsmouth. I bought it for Nadia's nursery before the color scheme was nailed down. I've had it for that long. [ahem. hoarder! ahem]. The blue was from The Dollar Tree. Most of the books were ours and were either favorites of Nadia's or matched the party. I borrowed a couple from my mother in law's bookshelf just because they matched.  I'm that obsessed with the details.  It's sick a gift.  The N was decoupaged with a fairy tale book page and ribbon and the little yellow box is a photo storage box from Michael's.
The "Books" word was a HomeGoods find. I painted it of course.  I love it and hope to incorporate it into an office one day.  I painted the apple gold.  It was also from HomeGoods.  That would be so cute in an office too (can you tell someone is longing for work space?).  These would be super cute too- painted or plain. The little blue mini milk jug was a Pick Your Plum purchase.  I made the pinwheel using this tutorial.  

I loved the scalloped edge of the tablecloth.  Such an easy way to make a .97 plastic tablecloth look special.
Little bookworms enjoying the reading corner.

"Read Up on the Birthday Girl" Table
I saw another child's book party with a "Table of Contents" sign and decided I had to incorporate it into Nadia's party.  Then I figured it would also be a great way to display some of the photo books I'd made for Nadia.  This "activity" was more for the adults than the children.  

The Photo Booth
I really wanted to do a photo booth and after seeing Bodhi's and some encouragement from Jessica over at Live the Fancy Life I decided to go for it! And I have to brag: I had pretty much everything on hand for it. I think I spent less than $5 on new materials.  I apologize in advance for the abundance of photos.  and I'm holding back. Although I'm bummed I didn't take my time to get a good one of Nadia in some props by herself.  Boo!

How is that she looks SO much younger just a few short months ago?!  

this cutie.
I highly recommend photo booths! They are so fun and fairly affordable to pull off! I "made" the backdrop--basically hanging fabric over a cardboard tube-- from this tutorial.  You can even use wrapping paper if you want to skip fabric and save cash.

Oh just workin it. ;)
Well that's it for now!  Stay tuned for decor and cake time.  And in case you missed it, I blogged a sneak peek here, the invitation here, and the dessert buffet here
Event Styling: Tiffany DeLangie of 
Photography: Captured NH. and Tiffany DeLangie
Paper Signs for activities: Tiffany DeLangie (I used PicMonkey
Bright Pencils: Target. (similar).
Mason Jars: Target or Amazon
Coloring Books, Composition Notebooks, blue wrapping paper: The Dollar Tree
Table and Chair set: Amazon or similar.
Bookshelf: Target
Photobooks: Shutterfly

Photo Booth and Props: 
Paper Straws: Jane, Amazon
Glasses: Target, Claire's, and Amazon
Books: Target's dollar section
Paper Mache Books: Hobby Lobby
Polka Dot fabric: Hawthorne Threads
Feather Boa's: gift from grandma :)
Oversized shades: The Dollar Tree
Mini Milk Jug: Pick your Plum
Hat Box: Christmas Tree Shop
*some affiliate links included

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  1. This is such perfection! I love the kid table! I love the little bookshelf! I love the props and the sweet chapter list of her fun times in year two. Wonderful job!

    1. Thanks so much friend! I was really happy with it! Thanks for your encouragement on the photo booth! I was on the fence about doing it but it ended up being one of my favorite parts of the party :)

  2. ADORABLE party...thanks for sharing!!! I have to ask...where did you get the table that is holding the photo booth props? (I LOVE it)

    1. Hi Megan! It's from Wal-Mart! But I think it's sold out now. Sadly after the party I left it in our family room and the children broke it! I still have it in the garage b/c I love it too much to throw away! ha!