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Valentine's Day Eye Candy.

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No, not that kind of eye candy.  I mean, my husband reads this thing.  More like cute baubles and trinkets that you can pass on to your man as a hint.  Or if you're like me, you can just buy for yourself and call it a day. Or buy for your bff.  She was probably your Valentine before your man was.  Am I right or am I right?

Joe and I don't really exchange gifts on Valentine's Day.  One day I'll get schmancy jewelry but for now, I'd much rather have a shared experience.  If I have to choose.  Which I do.  Which is totally fine.  Wait, I'm getting off topic.  My point is that even though we don't buy gifts, if we did, I think I'd go for something cute and simple.  As I stumbled across the cutest heart and arrow stuff (anyone else LOVE the arrow trend?!) at affordable prices, I started collecting them and thought I'd share.

I'm so sorry for my lack of technical skills- meaning I can't size this image any bigger. Just click on it to enlarge. 

Pave Arrow Tip Cuff. Madewell
Monogram Oval Lace Bracelet. Sweet Auburn Studio
Quay Eyewear: Amazon
Love More Tee: Old Navy
Love Ring: Bauble Bar.
Heart it Ring: Urban Outfitters. Only $8!
Arrow Bracelet. Sweet Auburn Studio
*some affiliate links included.
Happy Valentine's Day Loves!

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