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Super Quick & Practically Free Valentine's Day Display.

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I didn't tackle a Christmas DIY and it totally bummed me out.  I really wanted to do something inexpensive and simple for Valentine's Day.  Even though it's late, when I saw this post over at A Place For Us, I knew I had to try something similar.  This project was nearly free.  I had everything on hand except for one .97 gift bag.  And even if you don't have craft supplies on hand, these are very inexpensive.  Here's what I used:

Thrifted frame- I paid $4 or $5 for this at a thrift store and used it for Nadia's month by month photos for her 1st birthday. A collection of frames in various sizes would also be cute.

Scrapbook paper leftover from Nadia's 2nd party and Genevieve's most recent party.  (But 3 sheets will do the job which would typically cost .75 to $1.50). I love the idea of using any color that coordinates with your space.  After all, if it's in the shape of a heart, it will do for Valentine's Day.

Twine that I bought for no specific purpose from the dollar store for $1.

A gift bag I got from Wal-Mart for .97. You could also use a pretty free printable to save some cash.

Xoxo word I had from last year. I think it was around $3. They have smaller words that would do at craft stores for $1.

And that's it! Even if you buy new this project would be less than $10.

All I did was cut hearts out the old fashioned way:

Then I used a hole punch on either side of the heart and strung the twine through them using a fat needle.  But you could probably just feed it through with your fingers.

I framed the gift bag in a frame I had a different photo in. If I wanted to spend cash I would've bought a bigger frame matted to the smaller size.  The scale would have been more balanced.  But my goal was to keep this [almost] free and easy!  I also framed a different gift bag for my mantle.

If I'm being honest I did this in two sittings but if I had started when nap time did, I could have finished it in about a half hour.  Once the kids wake up though, all crafting ceases. 

This look is cute but not upscale.  But I'm okay with that.  There are all different levels of holiday decor from kid friendly construction paper crafts to window cling-ons to pretty vases and wreaths from HomeGoods.  I've learned if I try too hard I just end up doing nothing which stinks.  So I chose something fairly disposable but it makes me happy every time I walk past it. As a side note, the frame + heart garland would be totally cute as a birthday party decor--like the one I featured here.

Happy [almost] Valentine's Day!

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  1. It would be cool if you had your own tv show like "She's Crafty"--- of course you'd probably have your title "taste{FULL}. Who knows what the future has in store?!? <3 Love you, Love your page!

    1. ha! that WOULD be cool. ;) You're the sweetest! Thanks for the comment :)