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Simple Gallery Wall.

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Except, is there such a thing as a "simple" gallery wall?!  I suppose I just mean it doesn't include "found objects," DIY elements, or much creativity.  Gee, when I put it like that it's like I'm asking you to stop reading. I'm not.  I still love it and on a positive note, I think it's VERY attainable for the average person.  This isn't a tutorial but I listed some tips at the end. I know--Cue "Bossy" by Kelis.

So I realized after I was finished that the bottom 2 photos should have been under the 2 larger photos (flanking the middle) but was too lazy to fix.  They're a bit big to be that close to the desk but as usual it took me months from start to finish (not due to complexity, just due to busy-ness + procrastination) and I just wanted to be done with it so I didn't fix it. I figure if it bugs me enough over time, I'll switch it...

Also, I promise they're not as crooked as they look!  Ok, they're a tiny bit crooked but it looks cray-cray in this photo.  

-Don't wing it! Definitely plan it out unless you are super laid back and want it to appear haphazard. Which is legit.

-There are a lot of gallery wall pattern plans and tutorials. If you have no idea where to start, research blogs and Pinterest for some tips/ideas.

-Choose photos first or at least have an idea of what photos you will use and most importantly orientation.  My first "plan" included way too many portrait orientation frames vs. landscape.  

-Command strips rock.  (I wish they were paying me to say that, but they're not).  I used them whenever I could.  (Some frames needed nails).  

-Use lightweight command strips for keeping photos hanging straight. Mine are straight but I swear if I look at them wrong, they get angry and uneven.  So clearly I haven't taken my own advice yet!

Do you have any other tips to add? 
Photos taken by Simply Mella Photography.  (I've shared our annual family photos here, here, and here).
All frames from HomeGoods.   

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  1. I don't now how I missed this reveal! I LOVE iiiit. Great progression photos too!