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Cancer Free.

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Recently I was asked to share a testimony during my church's Christmas Eve service.  My pastor said to share a testimony of how God has appeared in my life--the theme of that night's service.  Naturally I thought of Joe's cancer diagnosis and started thinking of how God showed up during that trial.  Since I basically wrote my testimony as if I was writing a blog post, I thought I'd share it here.  So, how did God appear in my life?

He appeared when we heard the word “lymphoma” for the first time.

He appeared when Pastor Ed came to pray with us that night.

He appeared in the relationships my mom-in-law had built- enabling us to get a prognosis and get an amazing oncologist sooner than we’d anticipated.

He appeared during a prayer meeting in which Anita spoke a word specifically about overcoming the fear that comes at night.  She didn't know I’d been waking up with the thoughts: “you’re going to be a single mom.” “How are you going to live without your husband who is your life?”
He appeared in my living room and bathroom and kitchen and bedroom where the dusty baseboards and sticky floors were cleaned by women from my small group. 

He appeared in my fridge and kitchen when meal after meal was brought by many of you along with friends, former colleagues, and family.

He appeared in the comments section of Taste{FULL} when a beautiful widow told me, despite the outcome of her husband’s cancer, that God is and would be faithful.

He appeared in the helping hands of my mom…who watched the girls during every appointment, kept my home neat, and reminded me that I had to take care of myself and the little baby growing inside of me.

He appeared in Milan Hair Studio, as my stylist told me her family went through the same trial- pregnant with their 3rd child and in their 30s when they first heard the world ‘lymphoma.’ Listening to her account of treatment options 20 years ago put things in perspective for me.  She said “You will get through this.” And her husband is alive and well.

He appeared in my mail box when an art print for Dax’s nursery arrived shortly after Joe was hospitalized with an infection.  Its message?  Be brave. God has a plan to prosper you and not harm you.  To give you hope and a future.

He appeared in this sanctuary when the worship team sang “I will look back and see that you are faithful.  I look ahead believing you are able.”

He appeared during “Operation Bald Eagle,” when some of you shaved your heads and gave of your time and resources to support our family.

He appeared when the sonographer said “It’s a boy!”

He appeared when the scan came back clean after 3 treatments.  Joe was cancer free.

He walks with me and my little family daily.  Reminding me, that He is good.  He is able.  He is a healer.  He is a provider.  He is enough.  He walks with you also.  Even when you don’t feel like it, God is there carrying you, guiding you, protecting you, and loving you. 

He can’t stop loving you.  And He sent his son so that you might have life and have it abundantly.

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  1. I just cried a little. So happy for your beautiful family.

  2. So so beautiful. God is truly faithful. I also cried a little.

  3. <3 I experienced cancer in 2011 when my mother was diagnosed. I know the thoughts, feelings, concerns, pains and even heartbreak. Congrats to your family for all being survivors. My Mommy is a survivor too. All the best to you all in the new year. #blmgirls

    1. so happy for you and your mom! Thanks for visiting!