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Dax is 3 Months Old + Products We Love Right Now.

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I can't believe my chubster is 3 months old! I'm rushing to get this post in before he's 4 months next week.  Here are some highlights and comparison photos:

- He did his longest stretch of sleep from 10:45 pm to 6:30 am. Throughout the month he got better at this and did a few 11p to 7a stretches!

- His nightly fussy period has been better. He's been taking naps sometimes after his 7ish feeding instead of crying for hours.  Hallelujah!

- Still smiling a lot, "talking" a lot, and fussy a lot...though huge improvement from 2 months to 3 months! Much happier overall.

- Hates getting dressed and not a fan of tummy time.

- When the month began he was still trying to grasp objects and then I saw him grab a hanging toy and bat at it on purpose. By the end of his 3rd month I jotted down "getting good at grasping things."

-Trying so hard to laugh which is the funniest and sweetest thing!

-So sweet and charming.

- Discovering his hands and in that funny arm watching phase.

- Starting to sit up and used the bumbo! What?!

- Also slept in his nursery for the first time this month.

- Got ANOTHER cold.  agh! Winter JUST started and he's had 3 bad colds. :(

This month we celebrated birthdays and thanksgiving.  We also said goodbye to grandma.  So sad!  At the same time, Rebecca was gone for 2 weeks. It was our first true time of getting by on our own.  And it actually wasn't awful.  The worst part was taking all 3 kids out in the freezing cold to take Genevieve to school.  Helping hands are nice but it's also nice to know you can function on your own! Every time I've had a baby I feel like God has been gracious with the transitions.  With Genevieve my mom lived with me for awhile and kept her when I returned to work.  With Nadia, Genevieve was in school full time for the first 6 weeks and part time after that.  And with Dax I had lots of helping hands.  We are getting the hang of life with three and though it's busy, it's so rewarding!  Love my little chubby baby boy!

Products we love right now:

bumbo. skip hop activity gym. fisher price 2 in 1 sensory bouncer. ($20 cheaper here than at Babies-R-Us!). Or similar.

for sources on pillow and month by month stickers check out the first post.  You can also see this one for his 2 month notes if you're interested!

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  1. Awww how precious! Happy new year! #blmfollow

    1. Thanks Bree! (I know I owe you our interview btw!)

  2. So adorable!!! Happy New Year #blmfollow