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Five Pretty Sun Hats for your Little One.

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This barely qualifies as a blog post but when I'm searching for something I feel the need to share my finds.  This is what makes me a blogger I suppose. Ha!  Last year I scored the sun hat above at Gymboree for only $7. I never found Nadia one and as any mama (or sister) knows, you can't get one baby a pretty hat without getting one for the other.  Hence my search for a hat for Nadia.  Here are my favorite affordable finds--all under $15 (plus special offers)!

{1}   {2}   {3}   {4}   {5}

Now it's time for me to admit that the girls have all of these except for #1. And they are all $15 and under!  My sweet Mom-in-law got them 3 and 5 and they are adorable- 3 looks way better in person.  And I grabbed 2 and 4 - both of which are gorgeous but I think I like the floppiness of #4 better and might return #2.  You know, if I get around to it. [Insert winky face].

Accessorizing little girls is so fun! And if you're looking for one for yourself, this sun hat is a favorite SUPER inexpensive option + free shipping today!

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