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4 Figure Flattering Swimsuit Styles You'll Love

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 Peplum Swimsuit
Before vacation I was searching for a swimsuit which is my version of hell.  Well the most shallow one I've experienced anyway.  I know there's the camp of women who are all "look at my stretch marks in this rad bikini" but that is not me friends.  I have figure flaws and I'd prefer to hide them. People often think I'm being modest when I say I have a belly but I promise I'm not lying. The only reason it's not always obvious is because I dress around it.  While a swim dress might be in my future (sigh) I'm not there yet.  All of these styles are flattering, modest, and pretty.
1st up- ruffles. I have a Marc by Marc Jacobs ruffled suit that I love! It hides my post baby bump the best of all my suits plus it's actually pretty.
Ruffled Tankini
tankini 1. tankini 2 (comes in 5 colors). tankini 3 (comes in 3 colors). This one gets honorable mention.

Next, the blouson.  I have a one piece blouson one piece suit that accentuates the positive and hides the negative.  The only issue is it's not made for a long torso like mine.  Aside from the middle these are tankinis which come in a variety of colors. 
Blouson Swimsuits
Bandini Top. Blouson onepiece. Navy Bandini Top. Another honorable mention here.

Next we have ruching.  A tried and true silhouette that is oh so flattering!  In a dark color or print, it really helps to smooth and camouflage.  I personally don't have a similar suit but I've seen it look great on many of my mama friends.
Swimsuits with ruching

My final fave: peplum.  I have the first suit (pictured above) and I seriously love it! The only draw back is that the peplum blows up in the wind.  But, I have a longer torso than most.  As a side note, I'm starting to feel like I have a shopping problem.  I promise these suits have been purchased over yearsssss. In any case if you have a bit of a belly like me, a peplum suit might be the right fix.

Peplum Swimsuits

Which style is your favorite?

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