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Oh Genevieve

12:42 PM

Oh Genevieve! I can't believe you're in Kindergarten.  As I drove away from your school I couldn't help but cry as I thought about how fast these 5 years have gone by and how you're no longer my baby. You're a big girl now.

You're feisty.

You're fun.

You're strong. And strong willed.

Your independent.

You're persistent.

You're nervous (sometimes).

You're beautiful.

You're smart.

You're brave.

You're nurturing.

You're thoughtful.

You're funny.
You were my first baby.  And the first that I have to get used to letting go.  I have to get used to letting you get hurt. Letting you figure it out.  Letting you do it by yourself.  But I also get to get used to you thriving.  Used to you winning.  Used to you overcoming your fears. Used to your victories.
Genevieve I'm so proud of the little lady you are.  On day 2 of getting ready for school, mommy lost it.  I yelled at you.  Grabbed you.  Let my frustrations spill over into my interactions with you.  When we were in the car, I asked for your forgiveness and in your sweet little voice, with all the sincerity in the world, you said "It's okay mom. I forgive you."  Then asked to practice your memory verse. Your heart is what I'm most proud of Genevieve.  You have a heart to love and forgive and I love that about you.

You're going to rock kindergarten Genevieve.  There might be bad days, scared days, naughty days.  But I guarantee there will be more good days, heartfelt days, learning days, victory dance days.

I love you Genevieve.  And you know what? I lied.  You are still my baby.  You'll always be my baby. ♥

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