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Dax and Nadia's Happy Campers Birthday Party, Part II

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Camping Party
It's time I share part II of the party! If you recall from Part I, I threw a double birthday party for Dax and Nadia just before we left New Hampshire. In keeping with Dax's "Little Explorer" Nursery, I decided on a camping theme. In that post, I shared the trail mix buffet, snack table, favors and activities. Today I'm sharing the smash cake, party pretties, and birthday girl and boy.
Cake Time:

Happy Campers Birthday Party

Party Pretties
My rock star Sister-in-Law made these invitations. I embellished them with twine and wooden arrows.

Camping Party Invitation

Camping Party Invitation

Camping Party Invitation

Camping Theme Birthday Party

 This DIY was so simple-- recycled cans wrapped in + wrapping paper and twine.

The decor was super affordable. Pine cones collected on walks, wood sliced by my in-laws, and ferns from my sister-in-law's yard. I used free printables for the banners.
This tent was pretty easy. I got logs from my in-laws and wrapped them with twine. I used 3 and then just covered with fabric and pinned in place.
one more of the snack table because it was so cute (she said humbly).

This paper mache deer head is from Hobby Lobby. I used a coupon which made it $12 or so.
I tried lots of arrangements for a backdrop but I've realized less is more. I covered a foam core board in wrapping paper and added a mini deer bust.
 ferns + mason jars made the easiest (and super cheap!) centerpieces. My in-laws cut the wood slices from trees in their yard (I miss NH!) and the girls and I collected the pine cones on one of our walks. The moss balls are from the Dollar Tree.
Birthday Girl and Boy
Joint boy and girl camping party
That camper hat though.
The canteens were another favorite!
How cute is my baby?! I can't believe we'll be celebrating TWO soon!

If only my hair didn't look like a weird wig and Dax didn't have a "I need a nap" face, this family photo would be perfect. ;) 
 Because this was a going away party too we invited a few more families than usual. I love having these pictures of our friends and their kiddos. ♥
Since Jordan and I were moving, we made an effort to get a group picture. I seriously cherish this shot of all of us girlfriends.
And that's a wrap. I've tried to link all sources below but if I've missed anything please let me know. Also note, sources might be "similar," vs. the exact item. I shop in store often for the best deals + it's been a year since the party so I did the best I could!

If you missed part I of the party, you can read it here!

some affiliate links included.
Alphabet bannerMy Pinterest Board.
Deer (DIY cake topper)- Amazon.
Birch Straws (used as a cake topper)- Amazon.
Pine Cones- collect outdoors or buy these.
Wood slices- raid your family's yard like I did or shop here.
Mini Wood Arrows (used to embellish invitation)- these are metal but the wood ones are from Hobby Lobby (in the store).
Tribal Wrapping Paper (used to cover board and wrap around tin cans)- it was from Target and I WISH I'd bought tons of it because I love it. But alas I didn't have the forethought. This one is pretty cute though. This one too.
Green Mason JarsAmazon or AC Moore.
Adorable Canteen FavorsAmazon.
Paper Mache Deer HeadHobby Lobby.
Mini Paper Mache Deer Head on PlaqueHobby Lobby.
Camper Hat- Ours were from Gap and Gymboree but check these out: Adorable rainbow striped one from GapOld NavyChambray one from Gap.
Camping Tees. Here are some options: Adventure Bug one (only up to 12 months). Big Girl "I love camping" one (love this one!). Toddler and Big boy sized Survival Camp Tee (could work for a girl too. Just add a bow. ;) Big Girl "I'd rather be camping" Tee. Gender Neutral Happy Camper Tee. Gender Neutral Happy Camper Tee (more sizes available).

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  1. What an awesome theme. Totally love it. Looks like it was great fun too.

  2. What a sweet birthday party filled with beauty and fun. And your little ones are so incredibly darling. You and your family are very blessed. What a fabulous thing that you've captured these wonderful images and memories that will be cherished for years to come.

  3. Awesome birthday celebration! I love the mason jars and now I know where to find them :)

    1. Thanks becca! I love mason jars for basically everything! ;)

  4. Super cute!!! Where did you find brown utensils?