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A Gorgeous Pillow and The Look for Less

4:52 PM

Barely a blog post but I thought I'd swing by with this look for less. The other day I was strolling past Z Gallerie and noticed this beauty in the window.

I really need throw pillows for the sofa but didn't have time to pop in. When I kept thinking about it later, I had to find its price. And boy was I saddened at its $80 price tag. Gulp.
Pompeii Pillow 24"

Today, as I was about to toss the West Elm mailer in the trash without even looking at it, I decided to thumb through it real quick. And noticed this pillow for half the price. Fate? I think so.
This is a cover only (insert sold separately), and is 4 inches smaller so there's a reason for its lesser price tag. BUT in addition to being a similar color, it has the beautiful distressed look of the pricier version. It also comes in two other shades.

I'm busy packing for our trip to New Hampshire and completing a project for a fun post you'll read next week. Till then, ciao beauties! Don't forget to enter yesterday's $100 Amazon Giveaway!

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