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Super Cute Superhero Party with Zero DIY

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This one is for the mamas who don't have the time, patience, or interest in labor intensive DIY. I see you girl. I heart DIY (like a lot), but sometimes when I'm tossing a $20-in-supplies-and-2-hours-of-my-time DIY in the garbage, I'm like wait, what? The good news is that some parties totally lend themselves to store bought goodness. Take my nephew's Superhero Party for instance. The colors, the graphics, the all just looks SO fun. Pair it with superhero party food, the best backyard ever (my brother-in-law literally built a pirate ship in their backyard. Seriously), and well, it just works! Here are a few pictures to prove my point:

avengers party

avengers party

 wait, I lied! There was one DIY. In true Tiffany fashion, I had to make them. BUT they took forever and were a bit too flimsy, so purchase these and save yourself some time! ;)
 This has nothing to do with the party but I had to show you! Besides this fun ship the kids could play on, they have a rope swing, swing set, and tire swing to play on too!
 The pinata was another fun activity!
captain america party

And then we shot it with paint balls. SO super fun.
There was also a hulk smash wall. We chatted about wrapping them in brick wrapping paper but it was a bit too time consuming.

 Dax, practicing for his birthday in a few weeks.
 Ok, so the masks were worth this picture of these guys. 
Cake time!
 How cute are they?!

Can you tell how awesome the cake is? If you remember, I've shared other awesomeness from Erin in the past (like this football one!).

Happy Birthday Ethan! Uncle Tiffany loves you! (what? He calls me Uncle. No big deal). ;)

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