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You've Been Blessed (Not Boo'd) Halloween Printables Plus a Few Thoughts about Halloween

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I was at a meeting at church recently and Halloween came up. We were discussing how to reach our neighbors and one of the attendees mentioned that I could bless, rather than boo my neighbors. You guys know what I'm talking about right- when you leave treats on your neighbors doorstep and a sign that say's "You've been boo'd!"? I always thought that seemed fun but have a complicated relationship with Halloween (more on that later) so never thought to participate. I thought maybe my church friend had seen a"you've been blessed" tag somewhere but alas, I couldn't find one. I decided to throw one together and naturally decided to share it here!

As for the baskets, I kept it pretty simple. I literally purchased everything from the Dollar Tree. I tried not to include too much candy, but thought the crawlers were appropriate. :) For gifting I'm really into giving things that can be used up. Stickers, bubbles, and glow sticks for the win! 

I'm marking this off our to-do list a little late for this season so who knows if people will pass it on but the girls will love ringing a doorbell and running, which in and of itself will be worth it! And I hope it makes my neighbors smile. ♥

You can download the printables here and simply follow the instructions on the note above. Note- you might want to print as a 4x6 rather than a 5x7- the resolution is a little low. I'm leaving a few extra copies for my neighbors to use if they choose to play along!

A quick note about my "complicated" relationships with Halloween- I grew up not observing it. For sure much of Halloween is cloaked in darkness and glamorizing evil and death so I completely understand my mom's reasoning. When the girls were little we'd dress them up but only take them to grandparents' homes and since they weren't in school they weren't really subject to the dark part of Halloween. As the kids got older I realized I was in this in-between place but that we'd need to make a choice. After discussing with a close friend/mentor and praying about it, I felt comfortable with skipping Halloween due to its pagan roots and overall darkness. For a couple of years we spent the evening with Joe's sister and friends and it was fun! When we moved, however that wasn't an option and I again found myself feeling torn. At this point, I was at my current church who really emphasize utilizing every opportunity to connect with your neighbors (and unbelievers in general) on their turf. Not just inviting them to church, or even into your home, but joining them where they are comfortable. To me, just the thought of so many opening their door to "strangers" was an opportunity I felt...guilty...about passing up. I researched to find what others thought-- were there other Christians who had mixed feelings about the holiday? Most of my friends seemed staunchly for or against Halloween while I felt uncomfortable with participating, but convicted at the thought of ignoring it. These three articles were the most helpful- they most accurately spoke to how I felt and provided ideas/options for how to bridge the gap between the extremes of "hiding" from the holiday and observing it no differently than the world does.

I could go into what we do differently or the Christian/Pagan history of Halloween, but really I don't share this as a case for Halloween or to change anyone's mind. I honestly think what you do on October 31st does not for one moment move the needle regarding God's love for you, your relationship with Him, or even the advancement of the Kingdom of God (save those who evangelize on Halloween which truly makes a difference for the better). I simply wanted to share my story, perspective, and why I'm blessing my neighbors and not boo-ing them. ;) 

So on that note, have a fun and safe Halloween! 

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