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Dax's Non-DIY Construction Party Was Loads of Fun!

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Eventually I will drop the "Non DIY" from my titles because let's be honest. The days of elaborate circus parties are over. All the parties are Non-DIY parties.  I'm shockingly okay with it and find myself enjoying the challenge of planning a modern party with store bought stuff. It's all about making smart choices in that party aisle. ;) In addition, this was a joint party with two themes (you can see Nadia's Trolls Party here!), so keeping it simple was key. But also, I will never do 2 themes again. [face slap emoji].

Choosing a theme was a no-brainer. My little guy is obsessed with trucks. Like reads-a-truck-book-every- night-names-all-the-trucks obsessed. I started there, used his trucks, tools, and construction books for decor, grabbed a few things from Hobby Lobby, and scored a handful of fun free printables. So easy! I purchased most items in-store but I've linked some similar items available online throughout the post and below (*affiliate links).

While the banner and caution tape look a little busy I knew Dax would love it and couldn't help myself. ha! The banner was from Hobby Lobby and only $5. There's another cute one here. We grabbed 500 yards of caution tape from Home Depot after discovering the one I'd purchased said "caution, entering old folks zone." Oops. This one would have been more appropriate.

Ah! I loved this! Cute and yummy. 

Lately, I've been serving water at the kids' parties. There's enough sugar involved without adding a sugar-y drink to the mix. Plus the kids are so thirsty, they'll drink anything. ;) 

 This galvanized tray is no longer available but I love this one (and its price!) and this one.  For the pudding cups, I layered crushed Oreo cookies (I used my food processor) on top of pudding and sprinkled chocolate rocks on top.

I guess there was one DIY. I cut straws in half and glued these little "signs" on them as pudding toppers. But I promise it took less than 15 minutes!

As you can see, Dax enjoyed them. 

veggie straws as 2x4s. So cute.

I lined the table with  books (not pictured but linked at the end), cones, and tools from Dax's tool sets. He has this little "tough workshop" and this set from Plan Toys which he loves.
When you buy you buy your kid a birthday gift knowing you'll use it as table decor. #guilty 

One more close up of the cake and then I'll move on!

Trucks  |  Rocks  | 3 was from Target  |  "dirt" is crushed Oreos


Favors were more mini CAT trucks and Reese's Pieces.


Making (and eating!) candy necklaces as part of the Trolls Party kept the kids busy for a bit. We also  had truck coloring pages, truck ride on toys, and a baby pool full of sand and trucks (plus our typical backyard toys/swing/etc).

I purchased both of these ride on toys used well before his birthday, but this one looks fun and affordable.

Mini Monster Trucks | Super cool "take apart" truck in the corner

Needless to say, Dax loved his party. While I was setting up, he stood at the table and said "Thank you mommy for doing this. It looks so good." Oh my Dax. ♥ I love planning a party that reflects their age and stage and truly want to remember how super obsessed he is with trucks.  (He'd say "super duper"). It was a beautiful day celebrating my beautiful boy!

Shop the Party

Click any image below to shop the party and recreate the look! Also check out Hobby Lobby's construction party selection in store or here (it's where I got the table runner, banner, and chocolate rocks at great prices- this is not an affiliate link. I just love Hobby Lobby). ;) 

P.S. If you click the tag "birthday party ideas" you'll see a slew of boy, girl, and gender neutral party ideas! Also you can check out my "Construction Party" Pinterest board and Parties board for more inspiration than you probably need. ;)

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