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Genevieve's Emoji Party + 5 Tips for Hosting a Simple Big Kid Party

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emoji party ideas
My big girl turned 8 in November. Each year I have so much fun choosing her theme. Even on years when she chooses something I wouldn't (Lookin at you Minnie Mouse), it's still fun to get creative while she watches the party come to life. I planned this party in a few days with a trip to Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and an Amazon Purchase. Sources and tips to throw your own simple party are at the end and throughout.

emoji birthday party

This party was a bit different for us. Before we moved I'd throw elaborate parties with up to 20 kids or more. We'd invite our friends (whose kids were the girls' friends) and it was basically a hang out sesh. It was an exercise in being creative and hosting- both things I enjoy. Once we moved and Genevieve started school, an elaborate party no longer felt right. Parents are so gracious to come but most can think of better ways to enjoy their precious weekend hours! In addition, a big class party felt impersonal. Since hosting at a venue isn't always budget friendly, we decided to blend a small house party with an experience driven party and it was the perfect mix. Genevieve got to do something fun with her besties and I got my party planning fix. The girls went to a trampoline gym and then came back to the house for pizza and cake. Parents could drop their daughters off (just 3 of Genevieve's buddies) and we could relax and let the kids play. It truly was a win/win.

Enough chatting- take a peek at the party and then I'll share a few tips for hosting your own simple party for bigger kids (i.e. not toddlers). Please note, links may be affiliate links.

water bottles as party favors at an emoji birthday party
Water bottles were an in-store only purchase from Wal-Mart. You can get them on Amazon but they are only $1 at the store if you can find them.
emoji birthday party ideas
Glass Bottles (I use these ALL the time!) | Striped Straws | Tags from Hobby Lobby

simple and modern emoji birthday cake with emoji cake topper
cake topper  |  Foil number (similar)  |  cake plate  |  Emoji washi tape/similar

emoji cake topper on an easy to make emoji birthday cake
I used to bake the cakes 100% of the time but I've relinquished control to Target. $10.99. Yes Please.

It was Genevieve's idea to wrap the cake plate with the washi tape. Have I mentioned that I love her?

modern emoji party with poop emoji cupcakes
polka dot liners were from Wal-Mart and so were eyes (much less $ in the baking aisle than in the party/craft aisle FYI!). If you're an amazon shopper you can find similar items here and here.

modern emoji party with easy poop emoji cupcakes

modern emoji party place settings
Hobby Lobby's Emoji Party items were so perfect!  You can shop them here.
emoji party tablescape
Wrapping Paper was also from Hobby Lobby. Here's a similar roll. Yellow Honeycomb Ball  |  Pink Honeycomb Ball
foil balloon and emoji pins for an emoji birthday party

honeycomb balls as table decor at an emoji birthday party

modern emoji party backdrop
To create the backdrop I just taped streamers to the wall with the washi tape. I adjusted as I went to create the look I wanted. I  used these free printables to make the banners with text phrases. I feel so old calling them "text phrases." ha!

emoji party photo booth props

emoji party favors, honeycomb balls, emoji birthday cake, and emoji party backdrop
modern emoji party

Tips for A Simple Party for your Big (Non-Toddler) Kids:

Tip 1. Any theme can be made grown up, simple, and modern by using mostly solid colored paper ware, balloons, and streamers. I love Wal-Mart for these items. They are .97 and come in tons of fun colors. Layer in one splurge-y napkin (like I did above) and it looks so good. 

Tip 2. Along the same lines as Tip 1, use the stuff from the party theme aisle sparingly. Not only will it save you money (i.e. $5 for dessert plates rather than .97) but it also keeps the party looking clean and grown up--which your 8-12 year old will appreciate.

Tip 3. Have a fun and simple activity for the kids to participate in. As I mentioned we went to a trampoline gym. The cost is modest for a small group ($10-$12/pp rather than a $300 party). I also include photo booths often. The girls love this! (I don't know if boys do?) But the possibilities are endless! Any easy group activity will do. 

Tip 4. Ask them who they want to invite. It seems obvious but rather than feeling pressured to invite everyone or inviting your friends, ask who their besties are (if you don't already know). A small group makes for a drama free party in my opinion.

Tip 5: Copy. That's right. If you see a shindig that inspires you, recreate it! That's precisely what I did after seeing this party. It makes planning so easy. I should also add avoid being "over inspired" by Pinterest. Seeing 12 emoji parties might feel overwhelming. Just find one 'approachable' one you love and go for it!
emoji party photo booth
emoji party photo booth

emoji birthday party photo booth and photo booth props

emoji party photo booth props

take a selfie at an emoji birthday party
oh dear.
emoji party birthday cake

emoji party pinata

emoji leggings and emoji pillow for an emoji birthday party

emoji pillow at an emoji party
Funday Cold Shoulder Shirt (she'd wear this every day if I'd let her!)  |  Emoji Leggings
cute outfit for an emoji birthday party

cute outfit with emoji leggings

Happy Birthday to my sweet, growing-up-way-too-fast, beautiful, funny, reserved, smart, energetic 'baby.' 

I purchased 99% of the party items in store but here are a few links for your convenience! Make sure to check out Hobby Lobby's items here.

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