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Trendy Disney Tees for the Entire Family plus Pictures from Our Trip

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Family on a ride at Walt Disney World

We took our very first family trip--my first trip ever!-- to Walt Disney World almost a year ago and I've been meaning to tell you about it! I will share what we learned and what we'd do again (or differently) in another post but for now, I wanted to share what we wore. Don't judge me- it's a bit less work, or at least I thought it'd be. I got a bit carried away. ha. I never thought I'd be one to dress my kids in Disney attire ever. For any reason. haha. I mean, even throwing this party was a test of my love for Genevieve. No shade to those who love character stuff but I've never been that mom.

Kids hugging at Walt Disney World
Cut to having an 8, 6, and 3-year-old and imagining their glee at stepping through those gates and I wanted all the Disney things. But I mean, it's still me. I wanted Mickey but I wanted him cute, modern, and affordable. Since we went a year ago, what we wore is no longer sold, but I've rounded up tons of trendy Disney shirts for boys, girls, and the family below. And I maaayyy have gone slightly overboard. Oops.
8, 6, and 3 year old hugging at at Walt Disney World


For the Fellas

Little boy in mickey mouse baseball hat and mickey mouse poncho at walt disney world

Here are some options for boys. These aren't your typical Mickey Mouse shirts. These are trendy Disney shirts for boys. They're modern, somewhat neutral (as far as character clothing goes) and mostly inexpensive Disney shirts for boys. Side note: (It's not in my DNA to spend $25 on a Mickey Mouse t-shirt for a child so most of these are well under that. ;)


For the Tribe

Family in matching disney t-shirts with little boy holding Tinkerbell

If I wasn't going to buy Disney shirts for the kids, I for sure wasn't going to buy matching Disney shirts for the entire family. But shockingly, Genevieve asked for them! This was while we were at Disney so it was too late. But next time, I just might. And with options this cute, who could blame me?

Disney Family Graphic Tee  |  Shop the entire collection here  (less than $10 with promo code!)  |  Mickey Mouse Family Vacation Tee (comes in other fun colors)  |   Disney family vacation football tee (comes in white and gray too!)

Do you dress in a theme? Or never gonna happen? 

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  1. I love this blog! I'm excited and ready to really plan for a Disney trip with our grandkids!!