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The Best All Weather Outdoor Sofas on a Budget

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modern aluminum sectional for a great price

You guys. I can't even admit to you how many hours I've spent looking for a stylish outdoor sofa that will withstand the elements here in the south. I'm talking full sun for days, 100-degree temps, and plenty of rain to boot. While I LOVE the look of wood outdoor furniture, it's just not practical here. I was ready to pull the trigger on this sofa when I shared it on Instastories and the feedback was unanimous- only buy wood patio furniture if you're okay replacing it in a year or two. Spoiler alert. I'm not. So that began the search for steel, aluminum, faux wood (usually aluminum painted to look like wood), or an all-weather wicker stylish outdoor patio on a budget. I've spent way too much time searching for the best all weather outdoor sofas on a budget to just file it away. Sharing makes it a bit more worth it! So here are my picks for modern, stylish, and affordable outdoor sofas that can withstand long, hot summers!

all weather patio furniture on a budget
1  |  2*  |  3* |  4  |  5  |  6*  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12

* comes in a smaller size (and smaller price!)

Practicality requirements: I looked for good reviews, washable covers, and all-weather materials. The only wood I included was teak since it's supposed to be the best wood for the outdoors- even teak has mixed reviews, though the one pictured has great reviews (I loved this one too!). There were other options I came across that had too many negative reviews or had white cushions that couldn't be removed (this one and this one for instance) so I didn't include those- but will link them below.
stylish modern outdoor sofa on a budget
Style requirements: I looked for a modern (transitional?) but included other styles like traditional options - 5 and 9. 8 leans industrial and would I even be a blogger if I didn't include a farmhouse option (11)? One of my favorites is that mid-century modern number 2 (Joe isn't a fan) and I wish the beautiful boho number 4 came in a bigger size.

patio furniture on a budget
Price requirements: While I think these are all affordable patio sofas for what you get, "affordable" is relative. I started with a $700 limit, knowing I'd add 2 side chairs- but when we realized wood wasn't an option, we upped that number. 1 and 7 would have definitely been a splurge but I reasoned that since they are larger, I would only need one side chair (or none).

the best all weather outdoor sofas on a budget
Decisions, decisions. After alllll that searching we will probably go with the target one (3). Of course. While my budget is a little higher for this project, the combo of size, price, good reviews, and the fact that both Joe and I like it, makes it a top choice. I was leaning toward 6--it comes with an extra set of cushion covers which is a nice bonus. But then my friend talked me out of it. Who knows? It still might be an option. I haven't pulled the trigger yet! If I was making the decision alone, I'd probably go with 2. But it turns out being married means compromise. Who knew?

I also considered just buying a really inexpensive set like this one and replacing it after 2 seasons. I may end up replacing whatever I buy- reviews usually aren't shared a year later. And if so, that's another pro for going the less expensive route.

Which is your favorite?!

You can shop them all (and a few others) below. Affiliate links are included. I only share things I love and/or obsessed over for hours upon hours. ;)

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  1. For me, buying on a budget is important. But also, I work hard for my money, and I would rather save up to find a better quality product. I don't want to be replacing frames and cushions every 2-3 years. Remember "you get what you pay for". Rather then ordering from an online company investigate local companies. Local companies will help you if you have a problem with the furniture. You don't know if that online company will be around tomorrow.
    Find out when there sales are, usually end or off season. Think October-December. Stores normally start receiving new merchandise Jan-Mar, so they want last years gone to make room. Good quality patio furniture frames should last you 10-20 years. Cushions 3-10 depending on how you care for them. If you take care of your cushions, they can be recovered. Do your research and find what best fits your budget.

    1. Great suggestions! We all have different preferences, budgets, and methods. I prefer online shopping and have had success going that route. Thanks for your comment!