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An Easy 5 Ingredient Snack that's Perfect for Valentine's Day

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Thank you OREO Cookies for sponsoring this post. Discover the Stufabilities with OREO Cookies and Lowes Foods!

A Fruit Pizza with a homemade OREO Cookie crust and heart shaped strawberries
You are going to love this easy 5 ingredient Valentine's Day treat! This recipe was inspired by Genevieve. She pitched me and her siblings the cutest idea- a restaurant called Treat-za. The menu would consist of dessert-themed pizzas (Get it? Treat-za rhymes with pizza... How cute is she?) with a variety of sweet toppings on cookie crusts. When I was thinking about what treat I could make them for Valentine's Day this year, "Treat-za" popped into mind! While I've had fruit pizzas before, I've never had one with a delicious OREO Cookie crust!

When I was approached with the opportunity to discover the Stufabilities with OREO Cookies and Lowes Foods ingredients, I was intrigued. Lowes Foods is literally 5 minutes from my home so you can find me there pretty much weekly. I immediately knew I'd use fresh fruit from their Pick and Prep station to pair with my favorite off-the-shelf cookie! 

A Valentine's Day Treat with Fresh Fruit and OREO Cookies

24 OREO cookies
4 TBs butter

8 oz. block of cream cheese at room temperature
7 oz container of marshmallow cream

1/2 lb of Strawberries* from Lowes Foods Pick and Prep section** (or other fruit of your choice from Lowes Foods Pick and Prep).

*I used 11 strawberries.

**A combination of kiwi, strawberries, and blueberries work perfectly with the creamy filling and cookie crust. I love using Lowes Foods Pick and Prep section for recipes like this. Rather than buying a bunch of fruit and then peeling and prepping it, you can save time (and money) by picking up a combination of fruit in one package, already prepped! So easy! Since this recipe is for Valentine's Day, I'm using strawberries on their own but Pick and Prep comes in handy--No leaves to deal with will save me time when I cut the strawberries into hearts. The kids will love it and I'll pretend I slaved for hours over all this fruit to gain their love and admiration. ;)
A Delicious Dessert Pizza a creamy filling, topped with fresh strawberries, in a homemade OREO Cookie Crust


Preheat oven to 350. 

Prepare your crust. Grind up the OREO Cookies using a food processor. Don't you dare remove that delicious cream filling. If you don't have a processor, place them in a gallon freezer storage bag and get out any pent up angst by smashing the bag with a meat mallet or rolling pin.

OREO Cookies in a food processor

Next, melt your butter. Add the butter to the ground up OREO Cookies and stir.

Crumbled OREO Cookies to make an OREO Cookie Pie Crust

Finally, press the mixture into a 9-inch pie plate using your fingers. I had about a 1/2 cup of cookie crumbs leftover so if you don't use it all, that's ok.
A Recipe for a Homemade OREO Cookie Crust

Place in the oven and bake for 8-10 minutes.

While the crust bakes, prepare your filling. If your cream cheese isn't at room temp, soften it in the microwave. This will make it easy to spread. Then mix your cream cheese with the marshmallow cream using a hand mixer until smooth. Set aside.

Now for the fruit. Cut the already prepped fruit into smaller pieces (think bite-size). To create heart-shaped strawberries,  hull the strawberries (use a paring knife to cut a bit of the middle out). Then, choose the prettiest side of the strawberry and cut a small V in it. Next, slice the berry in half (slicing the backside off) to create the heart shape. It'll be easier since the stems are already removed, but really the whole process is easier than it sounds!

How to cut heart shaped strawberries

Next, fill your pie. Once the crust is finished, allow it to cool. Once it's completely cooled, spoon the filling into the crust. This part is tricky. If you spread it too thin, you'll get crumbs in the topping. You want to dump most (but not all) of the filling in the center of the pie plate. Then, with a wet a rubber spatula, slowly frost the pie, working your way out toward the edges. When you 'run out' of filling to spread, use your reserve and plop it right along the edges of the crust. Continue wetting your spatula as you frost the pie, I mean "treat-za." Then, top with your fruit! Stand back and revel at how bomb you are for creating this masterpiece. Once you've done that, chill in the refrigerator for about an hour before serving (this gives the crust time to firm up so that it slices easily!).

A Delicious Dessert Pizza a creamy filling, topped with fresh strawberries, in a homemade OREO Cookie Crust

If your little one inspired a recipe, or if you thought of one all on your own 😉, enter it into the Lowes Foods Community Table contest! Share your best original recipe on Instagram mentioning the OREO Cookies and Lowes Foods ingredients you used. Follow @Lowesfoods and Tag @oreo and @lowesfoods with #OREOStufSweepstakes #Lowesfoods to enter. It could be featured at the Lowes Foods Community Table and would give you so much street cred with your mom friends. Enter on Instagram by 2/28!

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