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Cute and Classic Book Sets for Girls

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Pretty styled dresser in a girls room
I always wanted this book set but could never stomach the price. I'm talking from the time Genevieve was a baby and I originally came across it. Fast forward 10 years later and I knew I wanted to incorporate a cute and classic set of books in the girls' room. I started searching and found a 1/2 set of the beautiful puffin books with a price tag I could handle and allllmost ordered them then and there.  But then I got greedy and decided the colors and titles weren't just right.

Pretty styled dresser in a girls room
lamp  |  art  |  frame  |  mirror  |  bookends  |  books linked below

I searched and searched and eventually decided I'd put my own set together (and plan to add to it) but here are some of the sets that came up in my search! My criteria were simple- fun colors, a matching set, and titles I'd love for them to read. For the round-up, I included some sets that are in their future- when they're a bit older and fall in love with Jane Austen just like I did. ;)

Round up of Cute and Classic Book Sets

From Left to Right (or shop the widget at the end): 
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Row 4: Barnes and Noble Classic Hardcover Books: Black Beauty  |  Anne of Green Gables  |  The Secret Garden  |  Heidi  |  A Little Princess

Not pictured:
The Little House 9 Book Box Set  (Little House on the Prairie)  |  Little House Hardcover 3 Book Box Set (in beautiful jewel tones!)  |  Beautiful metallic and mint Jane Austen Collection Book Box Set

A round up of cute and classic book sets

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