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Dax's Stellar Space Party!

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Boy's Space Party Ideas
It's been a few months, ahem 4, but this party is too cute not to share! You guys know I have a running list of party themes I want to use and a space theme birthday party has been high on that list for years. When Dax couldn't decide what he wanted I jumped on it since a) he loves outer space and b) there were so many cute possibilities! Here are the details to look for:

Here are the details to look for :

  • Fun space-themed party activities
  • Easy Space themed party treats
  • A book you HAVE to buy for your little outer space lover
  • The cutest balloon banner kit (plus tips to create your own!)
Space Party Decoration Ideas
Moon book  |  Silver Fringe Backdrop  |  Star Garland (part of this kit)

I've been providing fewer sweets/candy at parties (especially as my kiddos have grown up and I see the effect it has on them when I bring those little sugar-filled monsters home. haha). but this space-themed birthday party called for a few space-themed treats. 

Space Party Food Ideas
Moon Pies  |  Silver Gumballs  |  Book  |  Space Shuttle (as a cake topper)  |  Colorful Star Sprinkles (or here)

Space Party Food Ideas

Moon Pies were just perfect! I also grabbed these gumballs as "asteroids."

space party food ideas

I ordered a cake from Target but added glittery stars (I added these to toothpicks), a toy space shuttle, and starry sprinkles. Side note- these would've been super cute too, especially for a girl! 
easy outer space party cake ideas
Sprinkles (or here)  |  Stars  |  Space Shuttle "cake topper"

HOT TIP: if you're not adept at cake decorating but your budget doesn't allow for a specialty cake, buy a plain store-bought cake and dress it up! It's easy to find inspiration. Mine was from here!
Space Party Food Ideas
Milky Way minis in a star dish were a perfect addition to a space-themed party! (my star dish was from the Dollar Tree).

Space Party Food Ideas
And the kids loved these rock candy sticks as moon rocks (sorry parents).

Space Party Activities

We taste-tested "space food"- these freeze-dried ice-cream sandwiches. They'd be perfect to send home with guests as favors! 
Outer space party decoration ideas

I'm pretty obsessed with the balloon banner. This is the first time I purchased a kit that included "balloon banner tape" and I'm a fan.  It also included the 2 foil balloons, the star garland, the marbleized balloons and more that I didn't use. Well worth the money! I searched for all the components I wanted (mainly marbleized balloons, the "rings", star garland, and a rocket balloon) and this kit had it all at a great price. I bought the silver balloons separately since I wanted silver vs. black.
space party balloon banner with alien balloon and rocket balloon

Tips on making your own balloon banner.

1. Start a few days prior. If there's one thing I've learned in planning 20+ children's birthday parties, it's if you can do something early, do it! The banner lasts awhile but I suggest making it just a few days ahead of time to play it safe.

2. Buy a balloon pump. Mine is similar to this one. But even a pump you use for balls/tires works.

3. If you want to keep it simple, craft wire + balloons work fine. 

4. If you want a more "professional" looking banner, it's all about volume. Using the balloon tape enables you to get the balloons close together and then the glue dots work for you to add balloons to places that seem sparse and build it out a bit. 

Space Party Decoration Ideas

*Much cheaper at Target but not available online.

space party balloon banner

Space Party Balloon Banner

outer space birthday party balloon decorations

The plates deserve a close-up. I wanted these Meri Meri plates so badly but they were sold out everywhere at the time. But that's ok because these turned out just as cute!

Outer Space Party Plates

outer space party plates

The other thing we need to talk about is this book. When it popped up as a suggested item on Amazon I was immediately drawn to it- the illustrations are so beautiful and I'm a sucker for children's books that include a variety of skin tones. Little did I know that it would become one of Dax's absolute favorites. It's very educational but by framing the whole topic of the moon in terms of a birthday party, it keeps little ones engaged. There are also little sections to read (or skip) so you can tailor it to younger kiddos very easily. I love it as much as he does! (If you can't tell). If your little one likes Outer Space, it's a must-have!
The PERFECT book for a kid who loves space


 Moon Rock Painting: I bought a bunch of black rocks from Hobby Lobby and acrylic paint in fun colors. Painting can be messy but kids love it so much and since the party was outdoors, it was fine. I'm sad that I never got a picture of the finished products because they were fun!
Activities for a space party

Space Printables: I also printed out a space coloring sheet for coloring. I do this for every party in its theme. So easy and the kids enjoy it so it's a win/win.

activities for an outer space party

Space Food Taste Test: When I saw "astronaut" food at the craft store, I had to do it! I broke a couple of freeze-dried ice-cream sandwiches into pieces and we all tried them! Of course you could buy one per child too!
Food for an outer space birthday party

Space Ship Pinata: yes, I went overboard with activities. I felt like it was a space camp by the time the party was over. ha! But when Dax saw the pinata and begged for it, I couldn't say no. #pushover.

Pin the Mask on the Astronaut. This was a fail. The sign was cute but small. In addition, someone who shall remain nameless (Joe. ahem.) put it right on a beam on the fence so it was way too easy! Although the sign was small, for toddlers it would've been cute. Just place it on a flat surface. 

Pin the mask on the Astronaut

Fireworks! I told you we went crazy! We had leftover fireworks from the 4th of July...what better way to use 'em up than a space party! I mean they look like shooting stars right?!

Activities at a space party

The kids also blew bubbles, had sack races (Dax's request!), and played with frogs. ha! I definitely think I broke a personal record for the number of activities at a birthday party. But you guys! It was so fun!

I had to grab a picture of Dax and his bestie. Carmen and Grandma may just be his favorite people. ;)

The cutest outer space birthday cake
It felt appropriate to have trick candles on Dax's cake. Can you tell he loved it?!

Random side note, I can't even tell you how many space t-shirts I purchased. I've linked a bunch below, including this one that arrived late but we kept because it was so cute! 
Outer Space Birthday party for a 5 year old
 Dax Joe, we love you. Actually, we adore you. I can't believe you've been in our lives for FIVE whole years. It feels like an instant, yet I can barely remember life without you! You completed our family in the most perfect way and we're so thankful. You're smart, hilarious, energetic, sweet, sensitive, rambunctious, competitive, and so loving. You melt my heart on the daily (especially at bedtime when you insist on giving me 40 kisses ever since I turned 40)! Happy birthday buddy!

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