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Gorgeous Slipcovered Sofas Under $2000

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Gorgeous Slipcovered Sofas Under $2000

Our current sofa is GORGEOUS and super comfy but it's linen which apparently you can't touch. I have 3 rambunctious kiddos and while we don't eat in the living room, it's literally 3 feet away from where we do eat and a few more feet from the kitchen. Let's just say my kids aren't rule followers and I need a sofa I can wipe down or wash. Enter slipcovered sofas. While I love modern decor and clean lines, slipcovered sofas have the casual look I'm craving. They now come in low and deep styles with track or shelter arms that make my heart go pitter-patter. Per usual, my budget is smaller than my appetite (is that a phrase? It should be). So here are the best, slipcovered sofas I could find for under $2000...and one over that. Couldn't help it!

But first, here are my disclaimers. The prices and availability fluctuate so what I've noted might have changed. Secondly, some of these are out of stock. boo! If you love one, sign up to be notified when it becomes available. I've been following some of these for months and have watched them go in and out of stock- you've gotta be ready! Maybe use this time to order swatches? I will note which aren't currently available and include a few sources so you, too can stalk them like I have. You're welcome. ;)
Gorgeous Slipcovered Sofas Under $2000

1. Rylie Slipcovered Sofa in Bull Natural. $1013 (even less in some colors!). Low and deep with track arms, fantastic reviews with lots of photos, and comes in TONS of colors- free swatches are available - what's not to love?

2. Classic Beige Slipcovered Sofa. $1839. This one is sold out in most places (you can stalk it here and here) but I finally found it in stock! Of course, this is after I realized we needed to go with a smaller size sofa. Maybe you have the room? Check those other sites mentioned for reviews! It might be my favorite of the bunch!

3. Feather Filled Ivory Slipcovered Sofa. $899.99. I've put this sofa in my cart so. many. times. It's so beautiful and the majority of the reviews say it's beyond comfortable. Now that I'm ready to pull the trigger on one, it's sold out! I'm tracking it though and will probably buy it when it comes back in stock. You better not beat me to it!

4. Willow Modern Slipcovered Sofa. $1614. I didn't include Pottery Barn slipcovered sofas because my search focused on modern vs. traditional styles. This one is the closest to a PB look on my list. It still has a modern feel but I  think it might be too traditional for me. That said, I included it anyway because it has so many great reviews, is a smaller spaced option, is  machine washable, and is on serious sale.

5. Luca Canvas Square Armed Sofa. $1749.99. Ok, so this one isn't slipcovered, supposedly. But I'm almost sure it is because the review photo literally has a zippered closure in the back. Will one of you do me a tiny favor and buy it and confirm? Regardless, it has a slipcovered look and comes in a durable canvas so it made the list. I just love its simplicity and bench cushion!

6. Square Arm Slipcovered Sofa. $1479. It's sold out in this color, but available in 3 others, including a beautiful natural light gray. This one has a slope arm and I love its size.

7. Four Hands Grey Slipcovered Sofa. $1639. This one had me at 'shelter arms' and 'modern design.' It comes in two sizes and I kinda want to add to cart RIGHT NOW. It's another that's sold out most places but you can read more about it here and here. I'd say this sofa is at the top of my list.

8. Farlov Slipcovered Sofa. $699. And the award for easy on the wallet and even easier on the eyes goes to... Even with a shipping fee, it's still under $1000 and so beautiful. I can't believe it's IKEA. I've seen many people purchase slipcovers from Bemz or Comfort Works to level it up.

9. Mya Slipcovered Bone White Sofa. $2684. This one is over $2000 but I couldn't help it. It's just so pretty! And machine washable which many slipcovered sofas are not (who knew?!)

Slipcovered Look
10. Maxwell Slipcovered Look Sofa. $1279. I admit I totally thought this was slipcovered until I went to link it! It's gorgeous so I'm sharing it anyway. It's another that goes in and out of stock. (Clearly, these are trending)! Stalk it here  and here!

Slipcovered Look Sofa for under $1500

Theodore Slipcovered Look Sofa . $1348. Another that fooled me! It's at the top of my list and I only just realized it's not slipcovered! I was literally just on hold to request samples though so I'm not totally turned off. The price and look are just so good!

Here's an image to pin if you'd like!
Gorgeous Slipcovered Sofas Under $2000

Which is your favorite?! 

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