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A Fun Scooby Doo Family Costume and How to Create Your Own

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I've always wanted to create a family costume! But if I'm being honest, I can be a little...let's just say "behind" with getting the kids' costumes, let alone planning five. This year feels like I'm nearing the end of the little kid era so I decided now was the time to make it happen. Guys, I don't mean to brag but I think we nailed it! Obviously you can buy each full Scooby Doo Costume (I'd start here!) but I always love to take the semi-DIY approach! Here's just what we bought to pull it all together!

Tips to Create Your Own Costume

1. I recommend getting as much as you can at a thrift store. Many of the items below I grabbed from a thrift store, the Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, and Wal-Mart. 

2. I also recommend buying wigs. Ours were pretty affordable (for instance, I passed on this one) but slightly more realistic than say the $5 wigs I spotted elsewhere. In this case, they kiiiind of make the look! 

3. Lastly, don't scrimp on the Scooby costume. Scooby is the star of the show!  I bought this one but this Deluxe one is great too!

4. Oh and For Daphne's dress, I simply hot glued purple ribbon to it to make it a little more costume like. 

Whatever you can't find locally, I have your back! Check out the items I ordered below and don't hesitate if you see something because things are selling out and prices are rising as Halloween gets close! 

Scooby kids' costume  |  brown wig (similar)  |  brown pants (thrifted but check these out)  |  green tee (similar) | full costume  here

White sweatshirt  |  Blue Pants or similar |  Blonde Wig (similar)

Or the entire costume can be purchased here! His blue shirt was from a thrift store and the orange tie is from Hobby Lobby. Also Joe as a blonde. 😂

Purple DressWig (or here)

Orange Turtleneck  (similar or this one)  |  Red Skirt (it looks orange here but it's red)  |  Or store bought costume here

Wig  |  Glasses were Sunglasses with the lenses removed but these are great too

The wig is GREAT and currently a lightning deal! In this photo I had bantu knots hiding underneath, hence the bump in front. But I highly recommend it, especially for the price! I got the socks from Dick's Sporting Goods but these are so much better!

So cute right?! I can't believe I waited this long to embrace the family costume. ha! 

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