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Making Progress in the Owner's Suite!

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Thank you Joss & Main for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

We've been in our home for 5 years in December and we hadn't made ONE update in the Master Bathroom. Not one! How is that possible?! When I had the chance to shop Joss & Main's Winter Edit, I couldn't wait to use it as motivation to update our bath and add some finishing touches (though we're far from "finished") to our bedroom. Here's what we added and tips for finishing details in your own space.

TIP-Make a Builder Basic Bathroom More custom by simply swapping out the mirrors.

After painting, we replaced the huge vanity mirror with the Coulter Edged Frame Beveled Mirrors in gold from Joss and Main's Winter Edit collection. These mirrors are huge and add just the right amount of drama to what was a pretty boring scene. Just look at the before!

I love Joss & Main's Edits because they're created specifically with mixing and matching in mind. You can purchase a handful of items from the edit and they all work together. It takes out the guesswork and makes it feel like you have a designer working for you- don't we all want/need/wish we had one at one time or another?

Speaking of mixing and matching, I chose this art and it pairs so well with the mirrors. What was I even doing with my life before I started adding art to the bathroom?! It's such a mood.

(I need to move that hand towel but I'm not quite ready to replace the hardware).

In the actual bedroom, I'd always wanted to add a mirror to this little vignette. And when I saw that the bathroom mirrors also had a full-length version, I snagged one. It was clearly meant to be. I love its matte black finish. Since I have a lot of brass in the room, I thought this was a good chance to tie in the black ceiling fan. 

TIP: Mix and match your finishes for a modern look. Repeat each finish at least once to keep it looking intentional and cohesive.

Over on the dresser, I added a brass tray that looks so pretty, lined with candles. Adding a tray to your dresser is an easy way to "style it" while keeping the surface clean and simple. This tray comes in various sizes- it would work well to corral items on your dresser or nightstand- eyeglasses, water, a book, jewelry.  It's the perfect size for a mantle too (This one might end up there during the holidays).

Speaking of holidays, while I was shopping, I grabbed a couple of bottle brush trees. I love finding them in unique colors (and it's the best when there's no glitter involved. haha). They're perfect for adding a little Christmas cheer to any space. It's too early for them now but I grabbed a quick photo just so you could see!

TIP: Add Muted Christmas decor in Unexpected Places to create a festive moment.

Shopping the Edit is so fun- New Trend Edits drop each season and every month there are new arrivals. I've rounded up my picks (along with a few things that were out of stock when I shopped (I need that rug!) below. 

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  1. Hi! What brand/color is that beautiful teal green on the wall?

  2. Hi! What brand/color is that beautiful teal green on the wall?