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Black History Books for Kids

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In honor of Black History month, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite children's books. This list certainly isn't exhaustive; these are just the books we own. I'm a 'check it out, don't buy' kinda girl but within the past few years I've made more of an effort to purchase children's books that catch my eye or that I think will be enjoyed over and over again and of course that extends to books that feature Black characters or are written by Black authors. To me, Black history doesn't mean only talking about segregation. There's so much more to it than that. Black history will always include some sadness and trauma, but there's also joy, love, endurance, perseverance, excellence, grit, hope, love, strength, and honor and it should be celebrated! Note- some of these books are faith based. Here they are-

Little Leaders Bold Women in History and Little Leaders Exceptional Men in Black History. Did you know that the first person to build a full size clock in America was a Black man?! Or that Langston Hughes was the first Black person to be able to earn a living from his writing? Or that the precursor to the invention of the yellow traffic light was a Black Man (it used to just be stop and go)? The same man also invented the hood fire fighters wear! These books are full of fascinating facts, and examples of Black excellence and determination. Many of the accomplishments were during the height of segregation and discrimination which is just mind boggling. Nadia particularly has fallen in love with Black History- and I credit the Bold Women book!

I Like Myself- We love this book. It's all about accepting yourself even when (especially when) you're different. I wish I'd had it when I was young! It's fun and zany in teh best way. I read it to Nadia's class in 1st grade and they loved it as much as she did.

The Who Was series. This series features all types of people in all different industries- we haven't read them all (they were gifted to us) but they're on the list.

The Faith Gurlz series. Written by a Black author (Alena Pitts) and her daughter, these are great for older kids/pre-teens. Finding youthful fun fiction that's wholesome AND features black girls is not easy but this series nails it.

God's Very Good Idea. This is basically the gospel message in a children's book but talks about how God created all of us- light and dark skin alike- and how we all need him and all have intrinsic value.

Cool Cuts. Maybe a bit young for us but the illustrations were so cute I had to have it. How you feel about your is closely linked to self confidence and having 'different' hair can be a challenge. At various times all of my children have had days where they come home from school and said they want straight hair like their friends. Luckily those days continue to get fewer and further in-between thanks to books like this and maybe a little to my lecturing about how special it is to have different (and beautiful!) hair. There's also a book by the same author featuring girls called Happy Hair.

Courageous World Changers and Brave Heroes Bold Defenders. These faith based books discuss figures who fought for their faith or used their faith/convictions to change the world. It features a variety of figures and ethnicities but has no shortage of Black men and women and their contributions.

I Am Enough. Not pictured, but we have and love this one too! Beautifully illustrated book about self acceptance- something I want my kiddos to embrace.

I'm sure we have a few more I've forgotten about but I'd love to hear your recommendations below! 

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