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Do These 6 Things to Level Up Your Basic Builder Bathroom

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The word "reveal" feels so awkward. It might be the added pressure of the term or maybe it's that I'm 100% sure that in six months I'll be like, 'wait, why didn't I do this?" and then proceed to undo my "finished" space. So let's just call this phase 1 ok? Though our primary bathroom looks completely different, this makeover falls in the renovate vs. remodel category. The changes we made were all cosmetic changes that anyone can do, yet I'm so happy with it! No tiling, no plumbing, no changing its footprint. If your bathroom is plain Jane, lacks character, or looks dated, and you don't have the budget or time to remodel, look no further! Do these 6 things (some for as little as $9!) and your space will feel brand new! 

But first, let's look at what it used to look like!

Before Before:

(Don't ask me why I never take 15 minutes to clean the room first. Although, I barely even remember to grab a photo)


*Here, we'd only painted and swapped the mirrors.


6 Ways to Upgrade Your Basic Bathroom

1. Paint, paint, paint! I mean you can literally paint anything these days. You can paint your floors, paint your tile, paint your walls, and even paint your counter! I focused on the walls (although I'm itching to paint the doors) and it immediately felt more upscale. The paint color is Farrow and Ball Dead Salmon color matched at  Home Depot at 75% strength (honestly I wish I'd kept it at 100%). It compliments the vanity- an intentional choice since the vanity is staying...for now.

mirrors  |  hand towel  |  sconce or here

2. Swap your mirrors. This is literally the easiest way to drastically change your space. We took down our builder mirror (and turned it into this!) and replaced it with these brass beauties (here's a look for less).

soap pump  |  art was gifted from Juniper Print Shop

3. Swap your faucets. Another easy DIY that can be very inexpensive. It's not easy to find a good looking 4" center set faucet but this one is so pretty!

similar faucet  |  hand towel  |  mirror  |  vase is thrifted

4. Swap your switch plates and hardware. I've done this in so many rooms and I'm still surprised at what a difference it makes. We're talking $10 or less! As for hardware, swap your knobs, hooks, and toilet paper holder for an instant update.

5. Add Art. Art in a bathroom makes it feel fancy and detracts from boring walls if that's an issue.

sycamores art + frame  |  basket  |  outlet cover  |  hand towel  |  swan art  + frame

flight art + frame  |  framed blue notes art  |  basket

6. Add trim. The trim took forever- See this caption for my tips for making your project go quicker/more smoothly. But no regrets because I adore it! Here's the trim tutorial that I should've followed. ;)

hooks  |  rug  |  art listed at the bottom  |  stool no longer available, pitcher is vintage

rug  |  other sources at bottom

Those are all relatively easy and affordable ways to upgrade your bathroom! I didn't mention swapping the light fixture although that too can be a DIY if you're comfortable with it. My father-in-law helped Joe install can lights too which was slightly more complicated. Here are a few more detailed shots along with sources at the end!

framed leaves art

This basket needs a close up (below). I searched and searched for the perfect size and just love it!

I'm still on the hunt for a dark wood tray but this cake plate is doing the job for now!!

You can see a peek of the shower curtain above and one of the two below. Our tile isn't terrible but it's also nothing I want to showcase. A pretty shower curtain is the perfect solution.

(affiliate links included)

mirrors (look for less, here)
bronze shower curtain rod and hooks (spray painted the hooks)
"dancing basket" for toilet paper (I adore it!)

Art (gifted):
**use code PRETTYREAL15 for 15% off all art on the site!**
framed leaves 
framed blue notes 

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