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Throw Pillow Deep Dive- Sources, Tips, and Round-Ups

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Throw Pillow Deep Dive- Sources, Tips, and Round-Ups

I recently shared a couple of reels about throw pillows but I wanted to say so  much more! I mean, there's only so much you can write in a reel caption that's designed for short attention spans. ha. So here we go! First I don't have many throw pillow tips- just 3. 3 easy tips (one is sort of optional) to get your throw pillows looking luxurious, cozy, and beautiful. Plus I'm sharing my favorite throw pillow sources and some current faves from each source. Here they are!

Throw Pillow Deep Dive- Sources, Tips, and Round-Ups

Throw Pillow Tip #1

 The first and most important tip is to swap your polyfill pillow insert- the one that likely came with the pillow- for a down or down alternative one. I resisted this tip for a while because I'm a cheapo. But then I experienced how much more beautiful my throw pillows look with higher end inserts. I use the term "high end" loosely since my favorite down alternative insert is just $29 on Amazon. Another realization? You only have to do it once! Once you upgrade an insert, you can use it over and over again with different throw pillow covers. I keep my pillow covers neatly stored in a bin and when I need a change I 'shop' my collection and switch them out. These days, I won't even buy a pillow cover without a zipper no matter how pretty it is (unless it already has a good insert). 

Throw Pillow Tip #2

When you buy an insert, buy one slightly larger than your pillow. For an 18" x 18" pillow, I buy a 20"x20" insert. This way it's nice and full. When you put the insert in, make sure to reach your hand it and pull the corner of the insert into the corner of the cover. No droopy sad corners, people. 

Throw Pillow Deep Dive- Sources, Tips, and Round-Ups

Throw Pillow Tip #3

Lastly, this isn't so much a rule as it is a 'formula' and one for which I can't take credit. I learned it from Jenny Komenda and it's this: Combine these three styles of pillows for a winning combo- solid + pattern + geometric. Make sure at least one of the three is a high contrast color or a bold pattern. I love to use vintage kilim pillows to add that bold pattern and fun colors. My favorite Kilim pillow shop is Bahe Kilim Pillow!

My Favorite Pillow Sources

Throw Pillow Deep Dive- Sources, Tips, and Round-Ups

As funny as the reel was, I'm not always buying pillows- though I do binge shop pillows from time to time. ha. In truth, there are a handful of places I like to find pillow covers and here they are along with pros/cons and some of my faves from each.

H&M. Pro: Value! The pillows are inexpensive, yet in my experience the quality is great. They're on trend and come in the best tones and colors. I love their washed linen pillows which are just $14.99! Con: They sell out quickly- sometimes you have to stalk your favorite pillow to grab it while it's in stock. 

Throw Pillow Deep Dive- Sources, Tips, and Round-Ups

Note: Insert not included with these!

Amazon. Pro: super fast shipping, price point (sometimes), and variety. Con: there are a LOT of options to wade through and they're not all great. That said, I'm constantly curating the best throw pillows on Amazon here. Also, I filter my search results to only show 4 and 5 star reviewed items to weed out the duds.

Throw Pillow Deep Dive- Sources, Tips, and Round-Ups

Xasmin Interiors. Pro: Beautiful handmade pillows with fabrics sourced from India. Gorgeous styles and patterns you won't find elsewhere. Amazing service- Jasmine will help you put together winning combos that you'll love forever. Small business. Con: Price. They are expensive (though still much less than other designer shops). However, you can't get everything I mentioned above on the cheap. Her local and overseas vendors are paid fairly and Jasmine travels to source the best materials. While she's gifted me pillows in the past, I bought the most recent batch with my own hard earned money and they are worth every cent. That, coming from a cheapo. ha.

Throw Pillow Deep Dive- Sources, Tips, and Round-Ups
blue and rust combo  |  tan block print pillow  |  mauve pillow  |   black, white, and tan combo (I have 2 of these)  |  earth tone combo (I have the middle one, pictured here)  |  rust plaid pillow

Target. Pro: Super accessible. A lot of variety. Very inexpensive. Fast shipping. The Threshold Collection Designed with Studio McGee is so good! Con: Everyone has the same pillows. Womp Womp. Many of their pillows don't have zippers so you can't swap the insert- it's why of all the shops listed, I shop here for pillows the least.

Throw Pillow Deep Dive- Sources, Tips, and Round-Ups
embroidered floral pillow  |  textured stripe pillow  |  faux leather channel pillow  |  block print pillow  |  oversized rust pillow  |  stripe jute pillow  |  solid cream pillow  |  woven plaid pillow  |  mauve plaid pillow  |  oversized pink plaid with ruffle  |  oversized neutral/green stripe pillow  |  oversized space dyed lumbar  |  solid rust pillow

Note: The majority of these are currently on sale so the prices are fire!

TJ Maxx/MarshallsPro: Price, variety, lots of looks for less. They often come with great inserts- either real down or an alternative so that makes the price even more appealing! Con: Shipping takes longer than the big box stores and amazon (usually 5-7 days).

Throw Pillow Deep Dive- Sources, Tips, and Round-Ups
ivory with corner tassels (3 colors!)  |  blue block print pillow  |  textured white pillow - looks like Serena & Lily!  |  denim tassel pillow - another Serena & Lily lookalike!  |  abstract pillow  |   striped lumbar pillow  |  vertical stripe pillow (have and love- the insert is down!)  |  sweater knit pillow  |  tufted lumbar pillow  |  pink pillow

I hope you found this helpful! Comment below with any questions! 
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