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Making Progress in My Pre-Teen's Room

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The last time you heard about Genevieve's room, it was about what was working and what wasn't. Well I'm happy to report that though the scale is still a bit off in her room, we made some adjustments and it's coming along! We had friends over the other night and my girlfriend gave me the best compliment- she  said it was such a fun teen room and such a blend of my style with Genevieve's. I almost teared up. ha! It hasn't been easy to balance what I want with what she wants with the actual function and space we have to work with. But we're nearing the end and I have to say, It makes me smile when I catch a glimpse of her room from mine and she seems happy! Ok, so what's left?

Well first, we finished the desk area. Praise Hands! She loves it and it's complete just in time for back to school! 

Similar Desk  |  Lamp   |  Caddy  |  Memo board (I love this one too!)  |  It's Cool to be Kind banner

We also installed sconces! I love these sweet scallop sconces. In order to call in done, here's what left:

Punch List:

(see sources mentioned at the bottom of the post and pin for later if it's helpful!)

Find a stool/table for side of bedI've been searching for just the right thing. The bed is tall and generally stools are on the shorter side. Since we turned the bed sideways, there's not much room to work with. 

Choose curtainsI love the sheer curtains but no thank you to 6 am wake ups. These black out curtains do the job-- she's been sleeping in so much better-- but they don't feel like the perfect choice. I also need to swap the curtain rod.

Choose and install hooksI ordered this and this and need to choose. Which do you like best?!

Add art over hooksOr something? She already has a mirror and memo board. We've been considering this cute print.

Add a plantI grabbed the cutest plant from the grocery store but now just need to re-pot it! Can't wait to put it in this basket.

Nightstand accessoriesI love a lamp on a nightstand but they take up so much space so we went with a sconce. Now I need to add some pretties to the nightstand if only for photos. (I'm nothing if not honest guys). I purchased these books this week and I'm in love.

Order blinds for the small window. I considered custom blinds, figuring this window is so tiny, how much can it be? the answer? Too much. I'm looking at this one now?

Add vines. IYKYK,

1- 16' color light strip. I installed these around Genevieve's closet door (see it here) and the entire family loves it. ha! It's subtle when it's not on, sweet when it's on the white setting, and just plain fun when it's one of the brighter colors.

2. Cool to be kind pennant banner. I stole this from the playroom because I knew it would look so good with Genevieve's rug and paint color. No regrets.

3. Crown catchall. Part nightstand styling object, part functional catchall. It's on its way to our home and I can't wait to see it! I considered this one too!

4. Scallop sconce. It's just so sweet, easy to install, swivels, and dims. Checks all the boxes!

5. RAD art print. I curated a handful of prints from Minted and Genevieve loved this one the most. Sold.

6. White shelf. I cannot believe this was only $15! I installed it yesterday and it's perfect.

7. Wordsworth Collector's Classic books in the sweetest colors- reminds me of this post.

8. Vines. My DMs on Instagram lit up when I shared that I'd be putting vines in Genevieve's room. Comments ranged from "I draw the line at vines" to "At her age, she should be able to do what she wants." Tell me how you really feel, guys. ha. It's one of the things she really wants and I'm happy to give it to her. :) 

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