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Office Mood Board and Inspiration!

10:16 AM

We are ready to get started on the office! I need to find the footage of Joe saying we'd be finished by "the end of Q3" after I say "the end of the year?" ha. But really, I think Joe and I are at our best when we take our time and think things through. Behind the scenes, we have accomplished a few tasks:

-We made a lot of design decisions.
I shared some of them here, but there are still some to be made.- primarily what type of wall treatment we will add- board and batten? frame Moulding? shiplap? reeded Moulding? And if we are brave enough to tackle building cabinet boxes.

-I've been working to align with sponsorships for the project.
I'm not always great at aligning sponsored content with current projects but I'm trying to improve that- it's more organic (always the goal) and helps me bring more inspiration, tips, and tutorials to you!

-We've cleared out A LOT of stuff from the office

-We ordered the IKEA cabinet boxes 
And while I was out touring $5M homes, Joe assembled one. Cue the confetti.

-We are *this* close to ordering door fronts. 
Last time we used Semihandmade but we're planning to try My Front and Center this time! I'll keep you posted on how it goes, of course.

Here's the design board- it's always subject to change although I don't think it will change drastically.
Rug  |  Desks: custom by Raleigh Reclaimed  |  Rust Desk Chair  |  Leather Chair  |  Cane Desk Chair Light Fixture  |  Art  |  Desk accessories  |  Acrylic Calendar  |  Picture Light  |  Curtains (similar)

Built in Inspiration by the talented Gbeke of Simplicity for Designs


I love the modern vibe of this office and the combo of closed and open storage. We're going for a little more moody but this space speaks to me.

(I cannot find the source but I think it was from a retailer)

You might remember Sara's office from our built-in planning last year. I continue to be inspired! She also used the IKEA + Semihandmade combo.

We haven't tested colors yet, but as you can see, we're leaning toward blue/gray/green tones. I love this paint color paired with black furnishings and the trim, while more elaborate than ours will be, is to die for!

While this is a mood board, the combination of colors and patterns is JUST the right mix for me! You can see the finished room and find sources over on Room for Tuesday.

Stay tuned as we make progress in the office!

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