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Dax's Big(ger) Boy Bed and a Game Changing Design Tip

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Dax has been begging for a bigger bed. His twin wasn't cutting it. We love his room and prioritized floor space when we renovated it, but 2 years later, he'd rather have a big bed and [insert tears here], rarely plays on the floor anyway. Here's the bed we bought and the cute bedding I chose!

Dax's Vintage Style Metal Bed

We loved his old bed so much that we rebought it in a bigger size. Fun fact: It's the most purchased furniture item from my home by you all and for good reason. It has a vintage vibe, the price is right, and it's sturdy. I also love the bronze color which is more brown than black. I highly recommend this bed to anyone but particularly for those with smaller budgets. 

The Mattress

The mattress deserves a special shout out because of the comfort level and value! Last time we bought an inexpensive mattress that we found comfortable but he did not (sorry Dax). This time, I immediately googled some brands I see advertised often and was bummed at the price tags. This mattress seemed like the sweet spot- not the cheapest, not the most expensive, all while being very comfortable and well reviewed. Everyone in the family loves it!

How to Use Inspiration to Get 'The Look'

When I was deciding on bedding, I looked through my various saves for inspiration. Here's the thing- for so many of them, the items were no longer available or out of budget. So instead- and here's the tip- I jotted down the themes/common denominators that drew me to the rooms and they were:

geometric shape- stripes/windowpane

schoolhouse style-  primary colors

a fun combo of color/stripes/plaid

This was such a good exercise. I'm all about copy + paste if it helps you get your room finished but a lot of times it's not feasible or you might want something a tad more original. This is a great way to figure out how to recreate a look without copying it exactly (although again- no shame in that game).

The Bedding

I bought a bunch of items (if you follow Pretty Real on Instagram you might have seen that I accidentally bought a plaid blanket from Scotland. oops) and then returned what didn't work but couldn't decide on the Pendleton throw or the Plaid Throw (Or do I keep both?) But Overall, I love it all!

quilt  |  throw  |  lumbar (or similar if this one is sold out in your area)

And here's the bed with the Pendleton throw (a throw I've admired literally for years):

If I missed any sources, they are probably here or feel free to comment below!

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  1. Looks great! Where did you get the artwork above the bed? Moon phases? Thank you!

    1. Crate and Kids- no longer sold but I found it here: https://www.heirloomartco.com/products/astronomy-posters?variant=32302497661064