A Gift Guide for Teens and Tweens - Pt 1 - Pretty Real

A Gift Guide for Teens and Tweens - Pt 1

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This one is easy because I have 2 kiddos in this category and the oldest always has a running wish list. ;) Plus don't tell, but preteen girls are like the MOST fun to shop for! My kids sometimes read Pretty Real (how sweet is that?!) so I can't say what's on its way 😉but I can say we love all of this and have some of it!

Preppy Gifts for Teen Girls and Tween Girls

Note: I tried to move from left to right. ha. Next year I'll number them.

1. Jessica's fave fuzzy headband $14.99. Whether for face washing or wearing IRL, your teen needs one of these!

2. Personalized 3D Check Throw $70.40 (20% off). ACT NOW- personalize items have a deadline. I love all of Bauble Bar's personalized blankets but Genevieve immediately oohed over this one! 

3. Mini Photo Printer for Smartphones $79. I kind of want this for myself! Let's get those pics off our phones shall we? It would be perfect for Genevieve's bulletin board!

4. Minky Couture Throw $98. All of my kiddos love a soft blanket. And these have weight to them which is even better! Maybe if I get the girls this one, they'll release mine. A mama can dream.

5. Smiley Face Slippers $15.99. The IT slipper of the year. I guarantee her friends have them.

6. Iridescent Satin Pillowcase $19.  A must-have for curly heads (or any heads?) but much more cool than the plain ones my girls have.

7. Modern Calligraphy Book $7.99. I always like to get the kids something crafty. And somehow doodles and writing is still relevant.

8. Personalized name bracelet  $51 (40% off of $85, or BOGO free!) How cute is this? Classic enough to last for years to come while still being fun and fresh.

9. Quilted shopper $25. It seems like the older they get, the more stuff they cart to and from school. Filed under cute + practical. 

10. Roller Rabbit Pajamas $118. Two girls showed up wearing Roller Rabbit PJs to Genevieve's sleepover. And that's when I realized it's a thing. Feel free to send this list to grandma. ;) I also love the look for less!

11. STUFF preppy makeup bag $30 (or the DIY version $19.99 pictured underneath it!). A thing for all their things.

12. Gel Nail Kit  $25.99. Highly reviewed and supposedly easy to use with great results! If not for them, get it for yourself. Oh and grab some gel nail polish while you're at it!

PS- Last year's "Trending Gifts for Preteen Girls" was my most purchased from guide. You can find it here

Shop the Post (Prices listed are often higher as the early black Friday sales are ON!):

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  1. Very Helpful for ideas for my grandkid, thanks again!

  2. It was not enough stuff and maybe make one just for teens

    1. The average guide I see is usually from 8-15 items. The purpose is to give you some ideas. If this wasn't helpful, I'm sure Pinterest has what you're looking for.

    2. It was actually very uselful! I loved it thankyou!!!

  3. This was the best Idea to give to me big sister,she was super happy and excited she got these items.Thanks again.