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New Dining Chairs And a Round Up

8:21 PM

Beautiful Woven Dining Chairs!

We finally decided on dining chairs and I couldn't be more pleased! We (and by "we," I mean I) ordered several chairs- including one unfortunate order of 6 chairs without testing first- and returned them all. I'm not new to returning stuff, but returning dining chair after dining chair started to feel a bit ridiculous. That said, I'm glad I trusted my gut and didn't keep a set because it was a good deal or inconvenient to return. If you're like me and just really need to see a chair in your space, I'll be sharing some ways to shop that will avoid returns or at least make them more feasible so stay tuned for that future post. In the meantime, here are the other chairs we considered!

1  $230  |  2  $299.99  |  3  $222  
4  $398  |  5  $495  |  6  $228
7  $614/pair  |  8  $187  |  9  $250

And one more look at ours-  #2. I adore them! 
beautiful woven dining chairs!

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