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A Gift Guide for Her

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At first, I hit a brick wall while curating this gift guide. You might be surprised to learn I don't buy a lot of stuff. ha. But then it hit me that my sample (instagram influencers) is probably skewed, and you likely don't buy a lot of stuff either. As soon as I stopped overthinking it, the ideas started flowing. Here are the gifts I curated. Per usual, I either have it, want it, or am gifting it myself! I'll make notes below and there's a "shop the post" widget at the end. Merry Christmas, friends!

A Stylish Gift Guide for Her

Checkered Tote Shoulder or Waist Pack $48. For when her lululemon belt bag doesn't cut it. This one comes in gray and cream as well and incidentally is on its way to me. It's a nice size and on trend. She'll love being hands free without sacrificing style.

Basketweave Leather Gloves $32. Fine, I bought these too. They're really pretty in real life! In my experience, one can never have too many pairs of gloves. And bonus- they come in S/M and L/XL- one size does not in fact fit all. 

Striped Leather Carry-On $199 (from $229). I need luggage in the worst way and IMO it's way more fun to receive as a gift than to buy it yourself- especially when it looks this good! You might want to add a protector too.

Owen Checkerboard Polarized Sunglasses $50. Clearly checkerboards are trending and why wouldn't they be? They're equal parts chic and whimsy. I love the color of these!

Black and Diamond Baguette Ring Price Varies. I've been craving dainty jewelry lately (who am I?!) and this fits the bill. Although it's precious, it's understated enough to wear everyday. 

Leather Crossbody Bag $70.80 (currently 40% off!). Can't go wrong with high quality leather. It comes in 6 colors- something for everyone!

Marble Cookbook holder $47.60 (currently 30% off!). I thought of this because, well, I need one. This is beautiful and could literally be passed on. If the home chef you're buying for is more of a Pinterest recipes type, check out this marble tablet stand ($32). 

AD coffee table book $60. For the design aficionado or the one with the perfect home- This is a great price (currently selling for $85 on Amazon!) for a classic design book. 

Gold Filled Column Hoops $42 (from $60). Delicate but not too delicate. Perfect effortless-but-still-put-together earrings.

The infamous Gucci Fur Lined Loafer Lookalikes $52.89 For the maven in your life- these are HIGHLY rated. But hurry- they take some time to arrive! PS- who was in stories when I tried on the real thing? They were heaven.

A Stanley Tumbler $40. Need I say more? Apparently there's nothing like it and we all need one. Comes in a variety of colors and it's on my list.

Bomba Slippers $45. These have a cult following and I'm dying to try them. I love their colorful weave. And for every pair purchased, one is donated.

Gingham PJs $50. For the cutie comfort lover in your life. It's taking every ounce of self control to give Joe a chance to buy these before I snag them for myself. ha. They're so pretty and they come in a handful of colors.

Iron Frame $49.50. For your photography or art-loving friend- we have one similar to this on on our gallery wall and it's the one frame people ask about! For bonus points, add a photo of you and the recipient to the frame and watch her heart melt.

Jen Atkins' Core Four $59. I started using this 6-8 months ago and absolutely love it. It's simple and effective! It's the perfect gift for someone who doesn't know where to start with skincare.

As I think of more items, I'll add them to this list! Also, you can shop last year's Gift Guide for Her here. Happy Shopping!

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