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A Gift Guide For Her

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I often think "the internet doesn't need another [fill in the blank]." In this case I'm referring to gift guides, but my friends over on Instagram voted YES to 'Would you like me to create some gift guides?' and I give the people what they want. ;) So here's my relatively budget-friendly, fun, down-to-Earth gift guide for her. Some items I have, some I wish I had, but all would make great gifts!

Gift Ideas For your Mom, Sister, Daughter, or Bestie!

1. Linen Robe. $49.99 - I have this (only this pretty color wasn't in stock!) and love it. Nothing beats linen and it looks great hanging on the bathroom door. Currently 20% off orders $80+

2. Juniper Print Shop Art Print $15+ and Frame. $14.99 - You already know I love Juniper Print Shop and I equally love the thought of gifting neutral art along with a frame. I have this frame in the small size (pictured below) and love its vintage look. 

3. Driftwood Tray Candle $88 + Matches Cloche $27 (also here)- A candle that doubles as decor and the most sophisticated little cloche you ever did see [adds to Christmas list]. Check out more budget-friendly wood tray candles here and here.

4. Wooden Book Stand $29.99 paired with Lauren Liess' latest book $40 - I have Lauren's first two books and this one is on my Christmas list...Meanwhile the bookstand is on its way to me. How pretty would it be on an island with a favorite cookbook or a coffee table holding Lauren's book? 

Lauren Liess' 2nd book- Down to Earth

5. Tortoise Hoop earrings. $24.50 - The earrings that go with everything. I mean it- I wear mine all the time. If your girlfriend doesn't already have a pair, she'll thank you. Here's a smaller option!

6. Little Guide's Style Box Set. $39.99 - For the fashion maven in your life. Or for your friend who just likes a good boxed book set for her #shelfie.

7. Set of Crystals. $24.99 - Listen, I don't know if they give you energy but they sure are pretty.

8. Vanity Planet Steamer. $49- What are you even doing with your life if you haven't watched an influencer convince us all to buy these steamers? ha. Let's just say it's working. And in this color? How could we resist?

9. Linen Journal. $18 - I can never have enough pretty journals to write down my brilliant ideas. But seriously, help her with her NY Resolution of practicing gratitude with this pretty book! Here's another I have and love (pictured on the shelf above).

10. Nike Daybreak Sneaker. $90 - Last but not least the shoes I get asked about the most often. I love mine and wore them for like 10 days straight when they first arrived (and still wear them on the regular). Comfy and cute. What more can we ask for? PS- they come in lots of cool colors here- I have the rattan! Of course I do.

Shop them all here (affiliate links included):

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