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Gift Guide for Boys!

10:26 AM

Fun and adventurous gift guide for boys!

This was so much fun to put together! As with the other guides, many of these items we have or I've ordered. I'll detail that below!

1. Dude Perfect Book $17.95. This was the very first gift I bought this year! All of my kiddos love the show and Dax's party this year was Dude Perfect themed. As I was listing it, Dax walked by and asked for it. It's in my closet buddy, don't worry. ;)

2. Night Light Projector $18.99. This was a gift from my mom and Dax loves it! It's especially fun for sleepovers!

3. Laser Tag $199. I love that it's digital, has rechargeable batteries, and perfect for family fun. The kids got into laser tag at a local arcade and I think Dax (and all of us!) will love this!

4. Paper Airplane kit $14.95.What little guy doesn't love making paper airplanes? Any non-messy crafty item that keeps eyeballs off of screens is a win in my book!

5. Air Fort $49.95. If you don't have one yet, it's a MUST HAVE! The kids love ours and we love how incredibly simple it is to set up (vs. most other forts) and how neatly it stows away-- in a little fabric case. But do yourself a favor and pick up a box fan now if you don't have one! You'll thank me on Christmas morning!

6. Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course $139.99. You have no idea how tempted I am to burn our swing set and just use this. ha! My kids love Ninja Warrior and this would make a fantastic "big" gift!

7. Wall Mounted Ball Storage $9.99. Currently Dax's room boasts jerseys hanging on his cute, formerly perfectly styled bookshelf topped with balls and trophies. haha. I'm 100% for finding aesthetic ways to display their most loved items!

8. Walkie Talkies $35.99. I picked up several $5 walkies a couple of years ago but one was dropped in the toilet (don't ask). I'm replacing this year with this well reviewed version since they loved the last set  so much!

9. Remote Control Stunt Car $37.99. The only thing Dax gave me when I asked for his input (and Lego!) so it's in the cart. I like that it lights up and per the reviews is fast!

10. Blank Comic Book $6.99. I may wait one more year to snag this for Dax but I love the creativity required! He just got into the Big Nate series so I think his comic interest is piqued!

11. Handmade Bow and Arrow Set $34.97. Dax's specific set is no longer sold but he loves it so I had to include it. Perfect for the little adventurer in your life! Also loved this one- super fun that it comes with cans!

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  1. Love that blank comic book, definitely getting that fory 8yo!

  2. Really amazing gift ideas. I can't wait to see my kid reaction about the Remote Control Stunt Car. Thanks for sharing Tiffany :)