About - Pretty Real


I'm a stay at home mama of three: Genevieve, Nadia, and Dax.  And the wife to one sweet husband, Joe.  My girls are amazing kids-- sweet and kind and funny and adorable (oh fine.  and sometimes naughty).  Dax is the best thing since sliced bread.  It's so easy for him to melt my heart and while he lights up for Joe, he's a mama's boy and I love that. After a 6 year stint in corporate America I decided to stay home with my kids and while there are some days where an office sounds so appealing, most days I feel blessed to be a stay at home mama.

Giving up a career/2nd income has helped me make sure Pretty Real stays budget friendly.  I love the blogosphere, but it can be overwhelming and intimidating.  I'm all about keeping things down to earth...keepin it real and inexpensive.  The ideas you'll find here won't be over the top.  I am also a little...what's a nice word for lazy?  So the DIY projects you'll find here won't be over the top either.

When my friend Megan and I started this blog there were a lot more fashion and entertainment type posts.  I still try to do those from time to time but as many of you know, once kiddos enter the picture, things change.  Your focus, the way you spend your time, and how you spend your money changes  So now, I consider Pretty Real a "lifestyle with kids" blog.  I blog mostly DIYs, celebrations (often for kids), fashion for moms and tots, and style for the home.

It's important that I honor Christ in everything I do- from time to time I share an encouraging message or a real struggle in hopes of encouraging others.  I love the fun and light stuff but it's nice to get personal too!

I hope you'll find something of value here--a good idea, a sense of community, a funny anecdote...  Drop me a line any time-- prettyrealblog@gmail.com