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The Office Reveal!

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The DIY office renovation is finished and we are so happy with it! We started chatting about it and planning all the way back in August so it's been a long time coming but now that it's finished (well 95% finished- more on that later), I can officially say it was worth the time and effort. It always is, isn't it?! Home takes time. Our first idea is rarely our best...aaand whatever other cliches help get you through to the other side! Here are some things to look for:

-Added storage (3 wide cabinets and 6 drawers)
-A semi-DIY built-in
-A  moody blue hue paint color with just a hint of green 
-Vintage and modern art sprinkled throughout
-Organization solutions for drawer-less desks
-A custom desk built from local reclaimed wood

and more...

Our goal for the office was to have a practical place to work but one that was inspiring. We wanted a place to sit-- in our ideal world we would have had room for a loveseat but a comfy chair did the trick-- and a workplace for two. We bounced around so many ideas but in the end settled on a DIY built-in  similar to the one we built upstairs, adding a small desk in a nook for me (sort of like we did here), and adding a chair in the corner that not only looks beautiful but is comfortable and used often. 

Here are the before and after photos we've been waiting for!

I need to call out these wall pockets because they're pretty, easy to install, and the perfect solution for a desk without drawers! Since my desk is small so I love not having to have much on it. 

Here are some other details/angles we love.

Calling out the custom Roman shades here because they were budget-friendly and we were very happy with the entire process! We selected Irish Linen Newcastle SW234 but there are so many options to choose from.

After my original light choice fell through, I went in an entirely different direction and chose this modern light. It's JUST the touch this room needed. I learned with Dax's room the key to my design happiness is mixing old and new, modern and classic. Whenever I'd start to feel the room lean traditional, I'd throw in a mod choice.

In the corner of the room is my desk nook. without any drawers, the pencil cups and wall pockets are a perfect solution for storage. How pretty are the William Morris folders? Can't get over them!

This acrylic calendar is so pretty and useful (despite the fact that it looks empty for May which is LIES). I've always wanted one and I love that both Joe and I can see it at a glance. 

THIS CHAIR. You might remember it from here or here. It is beautiful, comfy, and nothing makes my heart happier than when I'm working and one of my kids' plops down on it to chat about their day.

Joe's Desk and mine were custom made by Raleigh Reclaimed and I couldn't be happier with them. They're solid, beautiful and made from salvaged trees that would have gone to a landfill. Can you even believe it?! I loved shopping local for these beautiful pieces- especially Joe's desk which is straight up heirloom quality. We chose ash wood with an "Indian Ink" treatment.

You know I loved styling these shelves. I used a mix of vintage/thrifted finds, things I already had, and new buys. It's always a fun challenge to make shelves beautiful, meaningful, and cohesive.

vintage art (it's free!)  |  marble clock  |  bubble planter

Me :)
Paint Color 
Sherwin Williams Mountain Pass in Satin Enamel for the built-ins and trim and in matte for the walls.

Lumber was from Home Depot and Lowe's

Floor and Windows
Rug (or best price here when it's in stock)

Lighting + Hardware

Desks - custom via Raleigh Reclaimed (here's a similar look if you're not local)
Tiffany's chair - vintage

Office Accessories

Negro Boy Study (public domain)
Cursive I art 
Journey to You fine art print + frame


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  1. Wow, what an absolutely beautiful workspace! I especially love that you painted the ceiling too.

  2. Im so late to the party but how did you do with the cables from the lamp and notebook at the desk? The place is gorgeous!!!

    1. on the big desk, we ran it underneath and it was plugged in on the wall behind the desk. Now it's plugged into an extension cord under the desk but TBH it's not pretty. ;)

  3. Can you relink your office chair. The current link goes to the light fixture.

  4. Beautiful room! May I ask how many coats of paint you used?