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The 2023 Father's Day Gift Guide

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Father's Day is in less than 3 weeks so I thought I'd round up a few of Joe's favorite things (plus a few things on his list- or my list for him. ha.) I'll note which is which!

Father's Day Gift Guide:

Wooden Ladder Ball Set. $89. Fun and beautiful- it would sort of be a gift for you too now wouldn't it? ;)

Embroidered Trucker Hat. $19.50. Joe always wears a similar hat to the beach- they're cool both literally and figuratively. 

Lacoste Polo. $76. Joe is a polo guy through and through- If your dad or partner is too, might as well make it a cool one.

Mesh Sneakers. $40.49. Joe has these and after seeing him wear them, his dad grabbed a pair too! Casual, comfy, and stylish. win/win/win.

Striped Flip Flops. $49. Refresh his flip flops. These come in 3 colors.

Whiskey Decanter Set. $19.98. If he's a whiskey drinker, beat him to the punch and buy him a classy decanter. Otherwise, he might buy an ugly one. Joe has recently become obsessed, er, I mean a collector of whisky so this will be perfect.

Blackstone 28" griddle. $197. Joe has made it very clear that he wants a griddle for Father's Day and he doesn't ask for much. so....♥ This is the 36" version with a lid.

Slim Wallet. $35. Another thing that needs refreshing every once in awhile- love this slim wallet and it comes in 12 leather finishes. 

Air Tags. $89.99. He's been meaning to get them so take it off his plate. And grab these too!

Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes. $9.99. The kids love to hate his jokes so let's keep 'em comin! We have this and it's fun!

Tech Organizer. $35.95. A thing to organize his things- perfect for the dad who travels. Comes in 3 classic colors.

Leather Messenger Bag. $99. I bought this for Joe for Christmas and it's such a glow up from the canvas laptop bag it replaced. I love that it can work in a casual office setting or dressy one.

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