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A New Leather Chair plus a Round Up of Top Contenders

4:08 PM

Our New Leather Chair

We found a leather chair for the office and it wasn't easy! Since I spent so much time searching, I rounded up my faves to save you some time. Because I love you, that's why. Per usual, I had specific parameters- like a genuine leather chair, a small footprint (but not too low to the ground), and a neutral, vs a caramel tone that I knew would look orange beside our blue built-ins. I also wanted it to be relatively budget-friendly because of course I did. Here's the one I chose and a round up of 8 other top contenders starting at $467 for GENUNINE leather! Sorry I'm yelling but that's a good deal people.

Safavieh Couture Home Moretti Mid-Century Brown Leather Chair

I love its tone. It comes fully assembled! It's modern but the cherry wood gives it a traditional spin. It's taller than almost all of the chairs we considered and though it was a tad over budget, it's still quite reasonable! It's also quite comfortable. If the cushions reversed it would be PERFECT but I find they almost never do on leather chairs.

Here are others I considered in order of least to most expensive:

Genuine Leather Chairs in (mostly) Neutral Brown Tones

I really love them all for different reasons. I love the modern traditional vibe of 2 and 8, the gorgeous color of the the leather on 7 and 9, the price and style of 1, the comfort factor of 4 and 5 but the gorgeous cane and color of the leather on 6 did it for us, plus the size worked best in the office. 

Which is your favorite? Shop them below (and I rounded up more leather chairs here.) Affiliate links included. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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