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Documenting the "Glow"

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The other day I got the chance to do a maternity photography session with Tiffany.   I’ve never done any maternity shots before, so the task was both exciting AND daunting.  Though her super sweet praise of my photographic ability makes me blush, it's obviously the fact that she's one of the cutest pregnant women I’ve ever seen, in addition to her REAL modeling experience, that made the whole thing pretty much a breeze.  I think we succeeded in capturing not only how adorable she is, but the excitement of this time in her life as she waits for Baby Delangie to make her appearance.

Pregnancy is such a special time (well, once you get past the vomiting & etc.),  especially for your first child, and never more so than in those last few weeks before you deliver.  You are just weeks away from meeting someone you’ll spend the rest of your life loving more than you can imagine!!  I never did maternity photos, but I wish I had, especially with my first.  (I was much cuter the first time around!)   If you’re pregnant, or hope to be in the future, DO IT!  I shot Tiffany's with my Nikon D80, but even if you just grab a friend and a basic point and shoot digital camera, take a second to snap a few shots.  Not sure how to pose or what to do?  Google maternity photography and you’ll have dozens of cute shots to replicate.  Do it in a place you can feel comfortable, preferably with great natural light and especially with someone you can relax with.  (Fore some great tips for the photographer, check out this article by the amazing Natalie Norton.) Don't worry about baring your belly if you're not comfortable with it... a fitted top looks just as cute!  We don't all have adorable little buddha bellies, but that belly you're carrying around is perfect and beautifully shaped uniquely like your little one.  While we don't always feel our most beautiful pregnant, just find some flattering angles (YES you do still have some!) and shoot away.  It might take a bunch of tries to get it just right, but I promise you it will be worth it in the end!

And now, more of the results...


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  1. Bravo Meg...beautiful pics and seriously, could you have asked for a more ridiculously gorgeous model? I LOVE them Tiffany; the glow and excitement is radiating from them. They're so tasteful...well done ladies!

  2. Thanks Cam!!! It was such fun. Meg is the best.

  3. Officially adding your address to my google reader page.

  4. These are fantastic - I love how they fit your personality so well and don't feel stiff or formal like so many of these portraits do! Well done both of you!

  5. Meg, these are gorgeous pictures!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the angles, compositions, and silhouettes! Expressions are absolutely amazing! Your editing, cropping, and final touches are done to perfection. You have truly captured not only the beauty and gracefulness of Tiffany, but the look of how every pregnant woman wants to be captured...the unfailing love between the child and mother.