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DIY Cake Stands!

3:47 PM

Yes, it's another post about cake stands!  Honestly though, can a girl ever discuss them too much?  Or have too many?? The ones I have to show off today are not only uniquely beautiful but c-h-e-a-p.  As in, less than $10.  As in, maybe even less than $5 if you are very thrifty.  Heck, they could even be free if you've got the supplies on hand!  For all the details and more pictures, check out the directions here from the fabulous blog Design*Sponge. (For a few bucks more, you could even do a cool graphic silhouette design like the second picture below... insects and a crossstitch print, who knew it could be cool??)  For another pretty variation, click here to check out some versions with clear glass plates from the Armelle blog.  Now I'm off to the dollar store to increase my cake stand collection for next to nothing!

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  1. there could never be enough talk about cake stands...ever.

    and this is lame, but i adore the cute signature at the end of your post. super sweet :)

  2. I bought some plates on clearance at Target today and am going to try this! Can't wait to see how it turns out.