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The Lost Art of Letter Writing

8:54 AM

Dear Readers,

I grew up in the military and as a result moved every 2 to 4 years. In fact , at 6 1/2 years, this is the longest I've lived in any one state (wow, just typing that makes me antsy). I apparently am ancient because there was no facebook or hotmail (at least not in my world) to keep in touch. Every time I moved I was determined to keep in touch with my BFFs. After all the second "F" means FOREVER right? Well it didn't last forever, but we would write letters back and forth to each other--sometimes pages and pages-- to update each other on our lives. I was always the better letter writer in all of my relationships. Not the best technically, just the most consistent.  I loved to write letters. I loved to put my thoughts down on paper and make the recipient feel like she was a part of my day, my week, my months, really, my life. Now we have e-mail and facebook and we keep in touch that way. But really, do we? A long letter seems like a given; a long e-mail seems like an annoyance. A long facebook message? Forget it. While I don't write letters anymore, I do try to keep up with sending my friends cards for special occasions, or even just because. Thank you cards, I'm sorry cards, I miss you cards, etc. I love finding sites that inspire me to send these cards simply because they have an array of witty, charming, poignant, or just plain beautiful sentiments. Here are some of my faves.

I love Restamp for their modern  and stylish correspondence, to include personalized stationery (not pictured here, but totally lustworthy), invitations, unique cards, and more.  Many of their cards are blank inside so you can satisfy your craving for connecting via the written word. 
You Make happy embellished greeting card. 6.50. Little Carriage. 3.50. Take You Out. 3.50. 

Why is it that even the dullest of necessities (a stapler for instance) can be cool?  That may be a good thing but for people like me, it only makes it hard to be satisfied.  I like everything pretty.  There, I said it.  See Jane Work has the coolest most stylish work stuff ever.  They also have a small variety of correspondence paraphernalia. 
Note Set in so many fun prints. 15.00. Anna Griffin Notecard Wardrobe in zebra and damask (my latest obsession). 35.00. If this adorable letter tray doesn't make you want to write a letter, NOTHING will.   Emma Letter Holder and Tray. 30.00.

There is loads of fun stuff on this site, including a variety of pretty and fun notecards.  These are a couple of my picks.  You'll want to send your girlfirend a 'just because' note just to use these bright beauties Foldover Note Cards. 9.95. Letterpressed Note Cards. 14.95.

I just learned of this site.  Uh. Oh.  I love their modern cards and the...attitude they come with.  On the surface "Hey Gorgeous" seems like it would be from a guy to a girl but how fun would it be to send to your girlfriend instead?!  My heart would melt if I opened this "Sweetheart" card from my honey.  And I just love the pop culture references of the "We Go Together" card.

I hope you're inspired!  I'll be awaiting a handwritten letter or card from one of you... ;)


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