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April Showers

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What is the saying? April showers bring an excuse to purchase adorable wet weather wear? Oh wait, that’s not how it goes. Whenever the season changes, regardless of how sad I might be to lose those beautiful sunny days or say goodbye to the scenic New England fall, I can’t help but get excited about what that means for my wardrobe. Spring (at least up north) might be a bit drab at times, but not only does it bring with it the promise of summer, but also the chance to wear bright rain jackets, fun wellies, and cheerful umbrellas as demonstrated here (PS- These great pieces are all $55 or UNDER!):

For a classy and classic look:
Upon a quick glance, this could seem rather boring, but the ruffle detail on the umbrella, the tailored trench, and the shiny wedge make it anything but...
Echo umbrella. $28. Old Navy trench. $49.50. Capelli New York rain boot.  Only $22.50!

For those of us who aren't afraid of a little color:

I'm imagining wearing these bright fun accessories over skinny dark denim jeans and a white tee shirt.  How cute are these rain sneakers?  I know- maybe a bit over the top but if I saw someone wearing them on a rainy day it would definitely make me smile (while thinking "You go girl"). ;)
Clear umbrella. $16.99.  Topshop Parka. $55. Capelli New York Rain sneaker. $22.50.

And a combination of the two looks?  You got it:

Obviously I can't get enough of the ruffle umbrella.  This look is still bright but a bit more conservative.  How cute is the trench?  Would you die if I told you it was from Wal-Mart?! 
Echo ruffle umbrella. $28. Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart trench. $35. Nomad flat rain shoes. 39.95.

See?  There's no reason for rain to dampen your style. ;)

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  1. Where can I get those black heeled rainboots?

  2. does the link not work? if not, i'll fix it. i really want to order them too. i love them!!