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Lost in the Blogosphere...

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You would think that since I run a blog I'd know just how dangerous the blogosphere is...but I am only just now discovering it. I mean, I've blog surfed before, but this time, I can't stop. It started with my looking for ideas for Genevieve's first birthday party (that's right...the one that's 4 1/2 months away). Well I basically am falling down the rabbit hole. falling...falling...falling. Every blog links me to a new blog. And that one links me to a new blog. And that one links me to a new blog PLUS a cool etsy site PLUS an online boutique. And that links me to the next blog. You get my point. I can't say that I mind. Besides feeling a bit, I don't know...addicted?! I'm discovering all sorts of cool design, decoration, and party planning ideas. On a deeper level, I've also read several very painful (as in you better be wearing water proof mascara) stories. I mean stories of horrendous loss. These stories make me grateful for my own story...and inspired by those who get back up when they've been knocked down. once. or twice. or three times (Read the what's in a name part 1 through 7 post of Joy's Hope Handmade). I'm also being inspired to make this blog the best it can be. I owe that to you (and to me). But anyway, I'm totally digressing.

So I can't share every cool post, tip, idea, or story with you. But I wanted to share this one because it's something I read about myself on cnn.com (or some news site) but couldn't quite articulate how I felt about it. Well Kristin did it much better than I could. Here's an excerpt of her post.

Post Racial Barbie [from Rage Against the Minivan]:

Mark and I had a much-anticipated date night tonight, to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary. We went dinner at our favorite Cuban spot, and then we decided to get crazy and spontaneous, so we went to Target to buy a new rice cooker.

HOT DATE. I know.

We were cutting through the toy aisle on our way to look at the kitchen wares, and noticed a row of multiracial Barbies. Okay, cool. Barbie has got the diversity thing going on. Only, do you notice anything a little off? The red and white clearance sticker on some of the dolls?

We stood there looking at this line of Barbies, and of course I whipped out my camera, because seriously . . . it was just so blatant. The three shades of clearly African American Barbies were on clearance. Every other Barbie was full price.

Then we scanned the rest of the aisle. We found Mermaid Story Barbie. White version, full price. Black version, CLEARANCE....

Click here for the rest of this thought provoking post.

Click here for the P.S. to this post.

After reading her post script, I'm almost afraid to ask: What do YOU think?!

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