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Inspired by Lucky's Luxe for Less issue, I decided to put a few links up of affordable online shopping sites. I'm sure many of you have heard of some of these sites, but it's easy to get 'stuck' visiting the same sites and purchasing from the same store over and over...and when that happens you end up showing up in church dressed exactly like someone else (oh wait, is that just Megan and me?!).  Lucky issue reminded me of a few sites I hadn't visited in a long time and clued me in on a few new ones. Now that I have a kid, shopping online has become even more convenient so I'm all for expanding my choices.  Because there were so many, I decided to include a handful today and I'll post another segment later (I know better than to promise "tomorrow").  So stay tuned for that one.  In the meantime, feast your fingertips on these great sites!

This site (and many others listed in the post) seems very "junior" at first.  That's the price you pay for not paying an exorbitant price (did that make sense?!).  But it's all in how you style and wear an item that makes it appear young-ish or more grown up.  And if you are really tall or plus sized this site is for you!  They have inseams up to 37 inches (as in I have to wear 4 inch heels to wear some of them!) and sizes up to XXXL.  They often offer free shipping with a $75 purchase and if you search online there's almost always a 15% off coupon.  Beware that it is 'junior' sizing so if you wear a 6 misses you're more likely to wear a 9 (or so) on this site. 

angel blouse. 34.90.
I don't have lots of tips and tricks for this site because I've never purchased from it--just oohed and ahhed over the selection.  It was beyond difficult to only choose one item to include in this post and even more difficult not to click "add to cart" on every item I viewed!  It's a UK site (think topshop) but shipping to the US is only $6!! 

2 in 1 drapey skirt dress. 30.32 (from 78.00)

I've been intrigued by their makeup (their youthful link "mark." seems cool right?!) and skin care for some time but who knew they had a fashion section?! 

I love that this site shows the stock remaining on each item.  Usually super cheap prices like these aren't available online.  I said usually...

smocked tank. 6.00 (from 18.00)

I typically see accessories from this site in fashion/shopping magazines.  I'm not sure why I never visited it until now.  They have all kinds of cool stuff but I was enamored with their sunglasses selection. 

To me this site is all about buying something cheap and fun when you just feel like buying something cheap and fun.  Free shipping with a 9.95 purchase definitely increases the likelihood of a future purchase!
Cameo Ring. 7.99.

Kind of a cheesy forever 21 but I included it because you can definitely find some cute basics at cute prices.

I love this site!  It's like a mega shoe store online.  There is free shipping with no minimum purchase and the prices are great...great enough to try out uber trendy styles like this one...
carlsen summer boot.  17.98 (from 49.99).

Amazing accessories at very affordable prices and free shipping over $40...which I could very easily spend on headbands alone.

Okay, while you add these sites to your favorites and fill up your shopping carts, I'll finish part II and bring you 10 more affordable sites tomorrow!  er, I mean within a few days.  Happy Shopping!

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