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If You ♥ Amy Butler, Meet Michael Miller.

8:11 AM

A while ago Megan posted about Amy Butler’s incredible fabrics. Well I have another love to speak of. Michael Miller’s fabrics are amazing. They make me want to quit my full time job (never mind that I just started two weeks ago and actually like coming to work everyday) and become a full time seamstress or fashion designer or craftress (yes, I just made that word up). His prints are vintage, mod, whimsical….and everything else I love. The possibilities are endless. For instance, take a look at this adorable burp cloth idea over at How Does She (my new favorite blog). I almost don’t even want to mention this idea because I am certain I will be bringing this affordable homemade gift to the next baby shower I attend. And yes, I want everyone to ooh and ahh and not have any idea that I didn’t come up with the idea myself. Tell me what you’d do with this (or any other fun) fabric? And give me a shout if there is another line of fabrics that Megan and I should add to our ♥ list?!

Ok I have to force myself to stop...I could upload pictures of his gorgeous fabric all day.  To see more of his collection, go to fabric.com.

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