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Documenting the Mile[style]stones.

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I am having fun trying things with Nadia that I didn't with Genevieve.  Since I was unemployed for Genevieve's first 9 months, had my mom here to help for most of it (yes, I was super duper spoiled!), and didn't have another banshee- um, I mean toddler running around, I had plenty of time to take pictures of Genevieve.  I made her a scrapbook, journaled throughout my pregnancy (loved this book), took maternity photos and at least bi-weekly belly shots...and more.  My fear has been that I will never be able to live up to that for baby number 2 (don't consecutive kids always get the shaft?!)!  But I am trying to do the things I missed doing for Genevieve so they will both have fun memories to look back on as they grow up. I already posted about the newborn photos we did for Nadia, and now I want to talk about documenting the milestones.

 I've seen this done with such amazing style and clever ideas.  Sherry at Young House Love actually did weekly photos and the finished product was simply amazing!  I considered that idea (loved the fabric element), but was afraid of the commitment it required.  I plan to keep it simple with monthly photos in the same chair with the same backdrop and outfit,- white onesie with a pink flower headband.  I'm a bit bummed because I meant to take her first one in Genevieve's adorable pink chair but forgot before she (Genevieve- the banshee I referred to earlier) ripped the sticker off of Nadia.  Have I mentioned how much fun it is to have TWO kids?! ;)  Anyway, I love that YHL added the dates en post via photoshop but if you are not that technologically savvy or ambitious (I'm neither!) head over to Etsy where you can buy fun labels in tons of fun patterns and colors to achieve the same effect.  After searching for a bit I settled upon this seller.  She was very professional, great customer service, and created the labels in the color of my choice.  [I didn't choose the labels pictured above but how cute are they?!] 

I love how the first couple turned out.  Hopefully I can keep it up and at the end of her first year, I'll have an adorable collage that I can hang on her wall, put in a scrapbook, feature at her 1st birthday party, or all of the above. 


My little cutie at just over 2 weeks (if I hadn't procrastinated I could have gotten the 13th label to say "newborn" or "brand new" but it's me... uber procrastinator!) in the first of 13 photos.  Labels from here. Banner Bow from here.

How did you document your kids' growth?  Any creative or fun ideas to share?

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