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There's an App for That: Clean and Skinny

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Back in this post I mentioned a few other smart phone apps that I've been finding useful. Thought I'd take a minute to tell you about them now (you know since Nadia's holding me hostage or at least the fear of her waking up if I dare get out of this rocking chair is!). Anyway, the first is "Lose It." "Lose It" is a calorie tracking app. You put in your weight loss goals (I tried pitting in "Heidi Klum please" but apparently you have to use numbers) or you can choose "maintain" if you're not trying to lose weight.  Then you simply put in your snacks and meals as well as any exercise activities. In the past I've tried using spreadsheets, websites, lists... you name it.  But to go back to my desktop/laptop at the end of the day and try to remember everything I ate?? Forget it! (Literally). Besides my general forgetfulness it's also way too easy go conveniently forget that chocolate chip cookie, 160 calorie soda, or that donut I purchased in a moment of weakness.  But I always have my phone on me (in fact, tracking my calories in the app has become a convenient past time while nursing).  The other thing I love is that there are many more food options in the app than in similar websites I've used in the past.  You can search fast food, grocery store brands, and if all else fails, create your own food item.  It keeps track of "your foods" so you don't have to keep looking up the same items over and over again.  I love looking at it midday and seeing that I have tons more calories I can eat (bring on the ice-cream) or that I need to slow down (baby carrots anyone?).  Hopefully this app will help me be able to wear a swimsuit with pride come June.  Until then, I'll be tracking away...

The second app is similar to the Motivated Moms app I blogged about earlier.  It's called Home Routines.  I just visited the site and loved the creator's philosophy:  "Housework doesn't have to suck."  Well said!  It's only 3.99 vs. 9.99 (a huge plus in my book) and it's editable.  I like that it seems a bit more realistic and less daunting than the MoMo app.  I also like that you can add tasks or delete them daily.  I think the MoMo app is more comprehensive with every task you can think of ("clip children's nails" for instance) but if you're using an app for housekeeping in the first place you may be the type of person who gets overwhelmed with too many in that way, I think Home Routines is a bit more balanced.  I also like that the app includes "zones" so you can see the big picture of your "deep cleaning" progress.  The premise is to spend 15 minutes (at least) doing deep cleaning (think spring cleaning or if you're like me, think "every other spring cleaning") daily, you won't have to set aside days to clean the entire house from top to bottom come spring.  I absolutely think it helps to have the accomplishment of checking tasks off of a list so you can see what you've accomplished that day. 

Now for a few words of encouragement on both fronts:
First, in terms of the weight loss app....NO one has the perfect body.  No one.  And if you look at someone who seems to, one of two things (or maybe both) is true--they don't think so and can pick out a flaw in 5 seconds or less and/or they work extremely hard to maintain that physique.  (Disclaimer: I'm not talking about 19 year olds).  There will always be something about our outward appearance that we can complain about but try not to obsess over it.  By the way, I'm totally preaching to myself right now.  One thing I thought of when Steve Jobs died is that I take so little time to be thankful for my health and this vessel God has blessed me with.  I might have some lumps and bumps I'd rather not have but, hey my body works and has served me well these last 31- er 29 years.  No amount of fame, fortune, beauty, or brains can replace good health.  I'm trying to thank God daily for my body- the good parts (yay for being 6 feet!), the bad (I thought only kangaroos had pouches) and the ugly (cellulite on the front? really?!).  And for those of us who have had kids, we should be even more in awe of what our body can do. 

Second as far as the house.  This is my Achilles heel.  In my 8 years in corporate America I've probably only felt like a loser once or twice.  In my 8 years of maintaining a home, I've felt like a loser perhaps every week.  It's quite sad.  But the thing is no one--or no one I know anyway-- can do it all.  Be an amazing and present mom, work 50 hours a week, and maintain a spotless home.  Something's gotta give.  I have other qualities (and so do you) that come natural to me that I am blessed with.  Having a perfectly clean home is simply not one of them!  But if we are trying, who can fault us?!  And you know the old adage "quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep; I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep" comes to mind.  The cobwebs will be there and eventually I'll get to them.  My 2 year old will be a day older tomorrow and my infant will be a toddler before I know it. If I have to give up something, I'd rather it is work or housecleaning, than time spent with those beautiful girls. 

My point is part of living a Taste{full} life is being content!  Hope that made you feel better.  It sure made me feel better!!

As always, feel free to comment-- any apps you think we should know about?  Any encouragement or helpful tips on the weight loss or housekeeping categories?  Do share!

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