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Semi-Homemade Valentine's Photo Cards.

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I love it when I come across craft-y type things in the dollar section of Target.  I can buy something inexpensive and "easy," do it with the girls, and feel like supermom.  In my world "arts and crafts time = supermom."  That's what happened this year.  I found cute cards and stickers and thought making Valentine's Day cards would be the perfect project to do with the girls.  By the way, calling anything a "project" instantly makes it special in Genevieve's eyes.

But then two things happened.  I killed myself taking Valentine's Day themed photos of the girls just for torture fun.  And I happened upon this post over at The Weekend Homemaker.  And this is the result:

I made these using PicMonkey with all their fun (and free) embellishments!  And yeah I worked on these on/off all afternoon yesterday which for the record proves that I am not supermom.  [inner voice: Did I just admit that]?  I was soooo tempted to upgrade to use the fancier features as I mentioned in my post on DIY nursery art using PicMonkey, but at this point it's sort of a game seeing how long I can last without upgrading...
Pink Turtlenecks: Old Navy.
Nadia's tulle outfit: Mud Pie.
Hair bows: Target, Wal-Mart, and Pick Your Plum.
Hearts Background: Caravan Shoppe (Thanks for the idea House of Smiths!).
Heart glasses: Dollar Section of Target.
Heart Lights: Dollar Section of Target.  But $3.  Don't get me started.
Love word: AC Moore.

There you have it. What are you doing for cards this year   By the way if you've procrastinated like I have, you can make a card like now, and then choose one hour printing at Wal-Greens or CVS and have them ready for Thursday!  Do it.  Seriously.  

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