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Overnight Stay.

2:11 PM

we're not happy to be in a hotel room or anything. ;)
I would have loved to title this weekend getaway but one night in Portland, Maine was all we could manage. Even the crazy Nor'easter couldn't thwart us (why do I feel weird calling it Nemo?)! Husband and I actually made it an entire night away!  Thank the Lord.  We needed it.  I can totally see how people stay married for 30 years, then have nothing left to talk about when the kids are gone.  We've been married eight years (but everyone knows BK years barely count.  What did we do with all that time?!), three years post kids.  At this point we have plenty to talk about, have fun together, and enjoy quality time spent together.

But now I can appreciate how people put their kids first, life becomes kid-centric, and at the end of the day (or 7000 days) there's nothing left for each other.  It makes me so sad just contemplating that outcome.  I refuse to let that be Joe and me.  Nope. Nada.  Not gonna happen.  But only if we avoid it on purpose. If left to ourselves, we'd be another statistic (sound familiar?).  We're only going to "make it," if we make the time to TALK to each other.  Not just routine cryptic mumbles about how his day was "fine," or work was "good."  Not just my day was "fine," and the kids were naughty " good."  I mean connect, talk, share.  Sorry to wax all poetic on you, but every once in awhile something real sneaks into my editorial calendar ;)  Something other than my latest DIY. And since sometimes I think I'm just being real but I'm coming across as pessimistic or making people cry, this isn't supposed to be sad--just real!  We are doing great and I thank God daily for Joe, our marriage, and His grace in our lives.
What on Earth possessed us to walk to dinner--even a ten minute walk?  Note to self: ten minutes feels like 45 when it's freakin five degrees below zero with the wind chill. At least it was all lit up for us.
{The next morning} Ducked into an alley for a quick picture. Not bad for a self portrait.
Snapped a few shots on a brisk walk after coffee & a pastry at Starbucks which I wish we'd skipped because I needed a much bigger appetite for our lunch at Duck Fat. Joe picked Duck Fat (there's a sentence I never thought I'd say).  It's been featured locally on/in Phantom Gourmet (I love salivating over that show!), Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Rachael Ray.  Yeah if it's good enough for them, I'm game.  It was amazing.
the yummiest BGT ever (bacon, goat cheese, tomato).
weird hair due to wearing my hood.  You should see the picture he took before this.  Gross.
House made soda in a ball jar?  Don't mind if I do. 
Yes Please. ;)
Damn you Starbucks.  Totally wanted that milkshake but the belly was too full.

 So many ball jars.  Be still my heart.
Um awkward much?  It was an attempt to show how tall the snow drift was.

Such a fun quick getaway.  And now, I prepare for sunny Florida.  Besides my mama leaving this morning (insert heaving sobs here) life is so good.

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  1. You two are adorable! Yes, overnights are SO SO SO important. Glad you are making the time. We are trying this year as well.