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Red, White, & Cute {for Boys}.

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After posting red, white, and blue garb for little girls, I received this in a comment: "would be so excited to see what you would come up with for a boy..."  Challenge accepted!  I didn't originally plan on posting for little guys since 1) I don't have one and 2) I'm lazy.  But I thought it would be fun to make believe I had a little boy to dress.  And it was.  I know everyone says it's harder to find stuff for girls and I totally agree but this exercise didn't prove that at all. I was able to easily stop at 9 pieces for a girl but just couldn't stop there for boys! Without even visiting every site on my list I found such adorable and stylish little guy wear.  Perhaps it was just the power of pent up shopping from all these years dressing myself and two girls (Joe doesn't let me dress him anymore.  Boo right?!), but for some reason it was so fun.  Here are my top picks for the little fella in your life:


From left to right*:
Junk Food Graphic Superhero T. $24.95 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tee!
Patterned Dobby Shirts for Baby. $11.86 I can't pick a favorite...but this shirt with the shorts below is definitely at the top of my list!
Americana Athletic Tee. $16.95
Madras Plaid Cargo Shorts for Baby. $11.86
Flat Front Oxford Shorts. $26.95
Perforated Slip Ons. $19.95
Short Sleeve 4th of July Graphic T. $10.50
Spirit Sneaker. $16.95 Super tempted to buy these for Genevieve!
Stars and Stripes Swim Trunk. $15.37
Dark Blue Shorts. $19.95
Mini Checkered Flat Front Shorts. $26.95
Striped Jersey Polos for Baby. $6.96 The most preppy of the bunch...and what Joe would choose. ;)
*some affiliate links included.

How cute are these little looks?  I love that they are mix and matchable.  Matchable is definitely a word by the way.  I seriously can't choose between them.  I love the cool T-s coupled with cargo shorts...or the dobby shirt with the chambray shorts...but of course if I had a son I'd love to dress him like Joe which would mean a solid blue polo with the plaid cargo shorts.  Clearly I'm not decisive when it comes to cute kids clothing!

In the first post I included a couple (ok, 6) pictures of the girls on the 4th of July. These cute little tanks pictured below are what the girls would have worn on Independence Day had my mom not purchased the little romper and dress you saw in that post.  And get this--I paid only $3.88 for them at Wal-Mart.  Not the trendiest place (ok, that's the understatement of the century), but every once in a while they come through.
 These were taken at Ethan's cowboy party.
I love how tan they are in this picture.  Clearly it's July.
I remember squeezing Nadia into those tiny overalls...which come to think of it I purchased from Wal-Mart for $5 for Genevieve was a tiny tot.  Only a child could look so cute in an outfit totaling $9 from Wal-Mart! To be a kid again...
I know the 4th of July seems so far away but I'm amazed at how fast May is flying by.  I feel like summer is going to slip right through my fingers! 

What are your favorite sources for toddler clothes? PS- this isn't just a question to elicit comments; I really wanna know if there's an amazing source out there that I don't know of or have forgotten about! ;)

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  1. Finally looking at this again. About to buy something because we might be taking a little family trip for the 4th of July which would be SO much fun! Thanks for doing this!

    1. Did you find something for him? I ended up finding a romper for Genevieve at Children's place. A little theme-y for my taste but it's one of those things that'll look cuter ON. Plus the price was right! ;)